Left Foot Forward is Britain’s 3rd favourite political blog

Last week Left Foot Forward was voted Britain's No 1 left-wing blog. This week, LFF leads a left-wing insurgency of the blogosphere's Top 20 sites coming third overall.

Following our rise to No 1 left-wing blog last week, it was announced last night that Left Foot Forward has broken the Tory hegemony of the blogosphere.

The annual Total Politics poll of UK political blogs sees LFF come third, rustling the feathers of the right-wing ‘big four’. Blog giants Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes stay top, but ConservativeHome and CoffeeHouse are held back. LFF lead a progressive insurgence. Last year, the balance of right-wing and libertarian to left-wing blogs in the top twenty was 14:4. This year, it’s been reduced to 9:7.

In other news, there’s a final chance for those who haven’t yet done so to vote in our poll to nominate the most influential left winger of 2010. You can chose from a selection of readers’ top 50 suggestions. Just visit this page now to vote. Polls close tomorrow at 5pm.

The winner will be announced at the Labour Party conference, where LFF will be participating in a range of must-see events – the highlight being our joint party with Labour List on the Tuesday night. For those who’ll be there, here’s a timetable of the events we’re taking part in:


13.00 – 14.30

Fabian Society: ‘Change or No Change: What Do We Ditch From New Labour?

‘Dragons Den’ style event, with Deborah Mattinson, author of Talking to a Brick Wall, Mehdi Hasan, New Statesman political editor, David Aaronovitch, columnist for The Times, and David Lammy, MP for Tottenham.

Location: Manchester City Council, Town Hall Albert Square, Manchester, M60 2LA


13:00- 14:15

Dods Parliamentary Services: ‘The Week Ahead

Will Straw will appear on a panel including Hazel Blears MP, tweeting Labour activist Sally Bercow, and Kevin Maguire – Associate Editor of the Daily Mirror – for a Q&A session.

Location: Dods Central 6



Compass: ‘Transforming Labour: can centre-left parties become grassroots movements for change?’

Will Straw will join Jon Cruddas MP; Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP; Andrea Nahles MP, SPD Germany; and Sam Tarry, Young Labour.

Location: Peel Room, Radisson Edwardian Hotel


Labour List and Left Foot Forward: ‘What Next for the Web and Politics?

Will Straw and Alex Smith will chair a discussion with Joe Rospars, New Media Director – Obama for America; Tim Montgomerie, Editor Conservative Home; and Matthew MacGregor, Blue State Digital and Cruddas for Deputy Leader.

Location: Night and Day Café, Oldham Street, Manchester M1


Left Foot Forward/ Labour List party

Location: Night and Day Café, Oldham Street, Manchester M1

22.00- 1AM

Labour YES! Reception – in support of the AV Referendum

Hosts: Ben Bradshaw MP, Billy Bragg, John Denham MP, Katie Ghose (Electoral Reform Society), Richard Howitt MEP, Polly Toynbee (The Guardian) & Stephen Twigg MP.

Location: Obsidian Bar, Arora Hotel, Princess Street, Manchester

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