Five days left in left’s top five poll

There are just five days to go in our most influential left wingers poll - so get voting now!

In August, we asked our readers’ to help us compile a list of the most influential left-wingers in modern British politics. We were inundated with the names of journalists, academics, campaigners, and, of course, politicians.

Last week, Left Foot Forward opened the polls, asking you to vote for your top five on the list of the 50 most nominated names.

We have had over a thousand votes cast so far. With five days left until the poll closes, there is still time to submit your vote. Simply click here and choose five names that you would like to see crowned as Left Foot Forward’s most influential left-winger of 2010.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to announcing the winner during the Labour Party conference.

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7 Responses to “Five days left in left’s top five poll”

  1. Shamik Das

    Vote now! —> RT @leftfootfwd: Five days left in left’s top five poll: Vote here:

  2. Sunder Katwala

    RT @shamikdas: Vote now! —> RT @leftfootfwd: Five days left in left’s top five poll: Vote here:

  3. Geoffrey Bowden

    RT @leftfootfwd: Five days left in left’s top five poll

  4. John MacKinnon

    This poll doesn’t work properly – the “party you voted for” page doesn’t allow you to proceed if you enter a name under “Other” unless you also tick one of the radio buttons – there is no radio button for “Other”

  5. John MacKinnon

    Comment 2: Some of the names of “Left Wingers” are farcical, to say the least. Was the list compiled by a Tory?

  6. Richard Clifford

    A largely depressing list of either failed 97-10 MPs and far, far too few non-MPs. Where is Daniel Dorling? I second John MacKinnon’s comments above.

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