Thank you, Gordon

Tributes have poured in from across the twittersphere to Gordon Brown following his sudden announcement last night that he would resign as Labour leader.

Tributes have poured in from across the twittersphere to Gordon Brown following his announcement last night that he would resign as Labour leader, and the mounting realisation this afternoon that, as of tonight, he will no longer be our prime minister.

Here are some of the best:

@samgoodby: In other news, economic growth figures are revised up from 0.2% to 0.5%. #thankyougordon for securing the recovery.

@Bexleyheath: #thankyougordon for 10 years of economic growth and saving the economy in the recession

@Emmadas: #thankyougordon for protecting the vulnerable & the undervalued. You will be forever remembered as our best PM and chancellor.Labour forever

@lukedolan: #thankyougordon and the labour party for making it a fairer country!

@gallifreygrace: #thankyougordon for everything you have done for the country. i will be sad to see you go.

@Sean_Lab: “This Labour party – best when we are boldest, best when we are united, best when we are Labour.” #thankyougordon

@labourmatters: #thankyougordon for sure start, tax credits, minimum wage, the ban on cluster bombs, record NHS and education spending, & saving the economy

@UKLabourParty: #thankyougordon You are a remarkable man who has put the country’s best interests before your own. Lib-Lab #ukelection

@katenorgrove: #thankyougordon for your record on international development

@cjmckeon: My take on Mr Brown’s announcement: An Honourable Man Who Did The Honourable Thing #thankyougordon

@BevaniteEllie: #thankyougordon for not flinching in the face of economic meltown,but instead leading us through with courage.

You can pay your own tribute to Gordon in the comments below or by using the hashtag #thankyougordon.

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88 Responses to “Thank you, Gordon”

  1. Robert

    Thank you, Gordon, for pulling the Labour Party back into the election with a fighting chance.

    Your legacy includes preventing the forces of Conservatism from wreaking their worst on the people of Britain in the days to come.

    You are a good man and have served the people of Britain with great honour.

  2. SadButMadLad

    Mr. Sensible says:
    May 11, 2010 at 6:37 pm
    Oh and, thank you Labour, for Minimum Wage, banning fox hunting, maintaining confidence in our economy though all round you were rejecting it in droves and making sure we came last out of recession, to name a few.

    I believe that the markets fell in response to the talk about Brown refusing to give in! Sterling has risen on news of Cameron becoming MP.

  3. Ian Macmillan

    Perhaps only now people will begin to realise the monumental effoets the man made to aid the recovery of the country. Sometimes one must be careful what one wishes for………

  4. cdlondon

    Thank you Gordon for championing the eradication of extreme poverty around the world. I thought you were a great PM (and Chancellor!)I selfishly hope we hang onto you in another public role so you can continue your great work.

  5. Mike

    Thanks for funding the NHS
    New Hospitals, Better, Faster treatment, Better Pay for Nurses

    Proud to be a NHS Nurse

    Dont let the Tories cuts or privatise us

  6. Phil Thomas

    Astonishing, heartwarming response to the departure of a man of substance: #fb

  7. Liz McShane

    Gordon – Thank you for having a ‘moral compass, for your wisdom & humanity. You will be sorely missed and I think history will be kinder to you. Shame on the toxic British media.

  8. Donald Chapman

    Farewell Gordon. Can’t help but think that we won’t have a more dignified PM for years to come. Seriously, no matter what you think about him, he is a good man with decent, labour morales at his core, who was only in politics for the right reasons. A proper politician, not a president or some PR-slave

  9. Gill

    Cameron to visit all the capitals of the UK in the next few weeks lets make him welcome – no cuts

  10. Nicola

    #thankyougordon for showing us, Italians living in Britain, that politics can still be about justice, fairness, dignity and intelligence. As an example of strenght and knowledge, I cannot understand how the country did not keep you PM for longer, but we know countries want change after a while. I wish you all the best and am sure you will find more suitable roles, maybe for the U.N. or – I hope – the E.U.

  11. Laura Scobie

    Best of luck Gordon. I have always been a Labour supporter and I just want to say thank you to you and your government. It’s because of the funding and support you have provided I was able to follow my dream of going to university. I haven’t always agreed with everything Labour have (or haven’t) done but when you are passionate about politics you take the rough with the smooth. I am a socialist at heart, and believe that you are too. My parents and I will be sorry to see you go as you had our support whole-heartedly. Hold your head up high. Be proud of your achievements. Best wishes to you, Sarah and your adorable little boys. Much love xx

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  13. Lady J

    Liz, I agree with you. Shame on the British media. Especially the BBC which we pay for. I dont know why Labour MPs, activists and commentators appeared on TV, radio or newspaper interviews without challenging media bias. Mind you, most Labour MPs attend to destroy Gordon Brown. So whilst we say, shame on the media, we must say shame on the Labour Party traitors. You know who you are.

  14. Abigail

    Thank you Gordon, for your dedication to the UK and fighting for fairness and equality. We’ll miss you.

  15. Abigail

    Yes! I just commented by I have to agree with Lady J and Liz. The distinct lack of party loyalty was particularly shameful.

  16. Lady J


    Welcome Cameron, whereever he goes with chorus of,


    just like we did today outside No:10 and during Hague’s statement outside the cabinet office, to the point that he had to hurry off. The media did not report it of course and tried to drown the Boos Cameron got when he got to Downing Street, by the old trick of adding high volumes of extra cheers on their reports.

    The Tory activists followed GB all round the coutry. lets do the same. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION.

  17. Sara R

    Farewell to the more honourable man in NuLabour. Enjoy your retirement and your family and thank you for all you have done for all of us and for all around the world.

  18. Mark Thompson

    Poetic social commentary

    The death of the Liberal left

    The hoops jumped through by you are contortional,
    But thanks to first past the post,
    While your representation is far from proportional,
    Brown’s a priministerial ghost.
    Things may have stopped getting better,
    They may even get a bit worse.
    Your cardboard spine could not get much wetter,
    As you watch a dead rose leave in its Jaguar hearse.
    Don’t get me wrong, you didn’t kill it,
    Tony did that with Iraq,
    The blood spilt here, you didn’t spill it,
    But thanks to you the right-wing nightmare is back.
    The first cut of the snatchers – was that nights Eastenders,
    Such a shame that it won’t be their last,
    When they’re taking good care of the brokers and lenders,
    Remember just how your X was cast.
    You said ‘I could never vote Tory,
    As I hate all that party stands for!’,
    ‘I’m a lefty’, well was your story,
    But I’m afraid that you failed to keep score.
    The yellow stain on your face, well that’s egg,
    Your party’s principles have taken a hammerin’,
    Cos, although you thought that you voted for Clegg,
    The result was you elected Cameron.

  19. Tory

    Hoorah! Congratulations to David Cameron, this bloke will do our blighted nation a great justice.

    Doesn’t matter how progressively leftist you are, Gordon put us in a mess, hiding behind the wall of “it was a global recession” his lack of regard for the spending of public finances meant this country struggled a great deal more than most well off countries as we climbed the steep hill out of recession.

  20. Tory


    Justice and fairness? Do you know who Gordon Brown is?

    GBrown is the bloke who thought it was acceptable to steal the role of Labour leader because he had an agreement with his predecessor. GBrown is the same fellow who then usurped the role of PM from the electorate by refusing to hold a snap election. Same guy again who lost the only General Election he had to face and still begged the party that lost worst then his to team together to outnumber the overall winners. Finally same bloke who only fell on his sword because he thought it would keep his losers in power.

    Those words you grace him with, he is not fit to receive!

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  22. David Jones

    Thank you Gordon for the Minimum Wage, a revitalised NHS, limiting unemployment in a global recession and forging a new consensus on international development that even the Tories had to accept.


    you must be the first person in history who tried to characterise a snap election as the principled thing to do – feeble stuff.

  23. Liz McShane

    Alan Johnson summed up very eloquently on R4 this am (i will paraphrase) : we came in to the remnants of Section 28 and left with Civil Partnerships, we came in to a society where legal wage was just over £1.50 p/h and introduced the minimum wage which was opposed by the CBI, Tories, and most of The City etc

    I was so sad & incensed last night that I created my first ever Facebook Group as it was too late for me to get to Downing Street to ‘Welcome’ Tory Boy :

    Cameron – Not In My Name…. join up!

  24. Lady J

    Well done Liz.

  25. Tyler

    Thank you Gordon for massively overspending for all those years, and giving us the biggest peacetime deficit the UK has ever seen. Thank you for PFI, and all those lovely schools and hospitals we haven’t actually paid for yet. Thank you for indebting our children for the next 30 years or so….and last of all, thank you for the cuts the next government are going to be forced to make, which to get the budget balanced will take spending back to 1997 levels.

    I mean, why did you even bother?

  26. RayLacey

    Thank you Gordon for being a politician with integrity and a genuine social conscience.There are not too many around.

  27. Keith Downs

    Thank you Gordon? Yes I will say that, one of Britain’s best statesmen, but unfortunately not a good politician. He did amazing things, however I cannot see why so many Labour people are praising him so effusively after the fact when they undermined him during his tenure. Even Cameron showed more respect than some Labour people. Peter Hain comes to mind as well as a few others. Labour did not get behind their leader during the election so why do it after the old warhorse has been sent to the knackers yard.
    Gordon had a personality problem and its name was Peter Mandelson. His eccentricities could have played out rather nicely if Voldemort had not tried to brush him with the same shade as the two youngsters. Why was he continually forced to apologise and admit that his quirks were character flaws. The microphone trick and subsequent ambush on the radio were a dirty tactic by the media and should have been called as such. It was a private conversation and he was genuinely upset by the lady’s statements – end of story.

  28. DH

    Gordon Brown didn’t give us the minimum wage! Tony Spin Blair did that.

    It is not credible to praise the Labour Party for their time in office. They have, once again, brought the nation to it’s knees and it falls to the Torys to take the though action that may end up with them disliked and thrown out into the wilderness once more.

    I thank Brown for an almost Greece sized deficit

    I thank Brown for the level of unreported crime on our streets

    I thank him for putting up taxes for the poorest people in society

    I thank him for starving our troops of funds. The blood of our brave soldiers is now on his hands.

  29. Suzan

    Child Tax Credits changed my life. Thankyou Mr Brown

  30. ollie

    Yes, thank you Gordon, for the most effective scorched earth policy ever seen in British politics.

    Thanks for leaving this country in the biggest mess its ever seen.

    We will never forget you, Gordon – a foaming, tribalistically retarded lunatic.

  31. simon

    It’s great to see the trendy Facebook Lefties here going back to their student union roots – and the opposition they so richly deserve. Politics is for grown ups, not Facebook and Twitter retards.

  32. Jeanette

    I don’t in for soppy words and but I believe you are a good man the press had it in for you.I sincerely wish you all the best for the future. Hope you don’t disappear off the scene altogether .

  33. JMax

    I believe you are genuine I believe the press was against you Don’t be a stranger Best wishes

  34. Michel

    Nice to know that a relative few (in the scheme of things you are very few) appreciated Gordon Brown, the bumbling Chancellor who oversaw an overheated, credit fuelled boom and did nothing to prevent a melt down. Have you all forgotten the huge rise in house prices? All the repossesions on massive negative equity? Meanwhile – all the illegal developement permitted the new race – Travellers? I would be hauled in to court if I ignored planning conditions on such a scale! All the speculators who Brown assisted in buying new homes to resell at a higher price, or to let at extortionate cost? More people bought second homes, around the coast and in our villages – under Nu Labour – making it impossible for local workers to compete and stay in their own territory. He brought about the end of the stable employee contributory pension schemes and those that survived are now mostly in deficit for billions of pounds. Thanks to Gordon? He either never understood the harm he was doing – or perhaps he did and didn’t care? Remember all the things he promised year on year – that mostly never materialised – or do you prefer to forget all that deceit? How could he, at the head of Government with all the intelligence available to him, not know what even I knew – that finacial swindlers were gambling recklessly with our savings and investments (including our pension pots and some council investments) and buying up worthless US sub-prime mortgages, etc? I think that there ought to be a public enquirey into all that went on under his and Blair’s stewardship – not congratulations! Even after we had bailed out the bankers – he was afraid to act to prevent them carrying on rewarding themselves as before! Remember all the increases in car tax and tax on vehicle fuel? The congestion charge that raked in millions and only spent £4 million on improved public transport. The threat of road charging (for roads you paid for!) rationing use by the size of the purse.(The wealthy can afford these costs – can you?)Have you forgotten the billions his party spent on starting up identity cards and biometric data bases? What was their true purpose? We are the most watched nation on Earth now! Or the billions spent on wars that most of us were against being involved in? All the “Quango’s” with hefty Chair-persons salaries and well paid support staff? All the people who died by going to Hospital to be cured because they were incompetantly managed? All those lost public records due to more incompetance by overpaid managers? All the public enquiries costing millions, all the daft apologies for what happened before in history – except for the slavery down the British mines and in the Mills by our poor white workers during much of the industrial era – they didn’t register to Nu Labour as being in need of apologies! All the billions paid out in compensating people for practically anything. Have you noticed how many “No win No fee” firms now operate – thanks to Labour’s largess? All the political correctness to a ludicrous level – which you all (seemingly) gladly paid for? It has cost us billions. I could go on. He and Blair and their cronies wasted a golden opportunity to do some real good for the working class for generation on generation. They could have set a standard of decency – but that quickly went out the window didn’t it? Look at all the sleaze that accompanied their rule, and how many took expenses knowing full well that they were involved in a scam. If all those who illegally claimed public money had been prosecuted and forced to resign – the election would have been held sooner and we would have had a whole bunch of new MP’s and party leaders! I hope he DOES leave Parliamnet soon! I cannot understand any who think him a hero. I paid dearly for every tiny concession he ever allowed me! Maybe we are going to get shafted by the new lot – but they will have to try very hard to beat the administration that has just thankfully departed! Some people have very short memories or very rosey glasses!

  35. elliot

    yes, a big thanks Gordon – for wreaking damage upon this country that Hitler only dared dream of.

    Are you people for real? Brown has utterly destroyed this country’s finances, and you want to THANK him? Welcome to the alternative universe of the Left.

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  37. ian

    Thank you Gordon for being honest, straightforward, unspun, and real. Thank you Gordon for working so hard for so many years to improve the lives of so many people. Thank you Gordon for reminding us of our common endeavor. Thank you Gordon – “best when we are Labour”.

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