Friends of the Earth round on Conservative inaction

Friends of the Earth have rounded on the Conservatives for their candidate's failure to back a climate change pledge. Only 4 PPCs have signed up.

Friends of the Earth have rounded on the Conservatives for their candidate’s failure to back a four-point pledge on climate change. Only four Conservative PPCs have signed the pledge compared to 179 Lib Dems and 95 Labour PPCs.

The pledge includes commitments to a 42 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020, action by every council on climate change, and support for planet-friendly farming. A video produced by Friends of the Earth earlier this week represents the number of MPs as balloons released from Victoria Tower Gardens next to Parliament.

Watch it:

Since the video was shot Robert Walter and Jessica Lee have joined Zac Goldsmith and Maria Caulfield in signing the pledge – this brings the total number of committed Conservative PPCs to four. Activists are invited to express their anger at Conservative inaction by writing to David Cameron using this online tool. The Conservative party has been plagued by inaction and scepticism over climate change.

Additional Labour and Lib Dem candidates are also invited to sign up to the pledge. Find out if your candidate has signed the pledge here.

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