Demo against the voting system: 2pm Trafalgar Sq tomorrow

The people have spoken – or have they? On Thursday we saw how just how unjust our voting system is.

Our guest writer is Andy May, local campaigns coordinator, Power2010

The people have spoken – or have they? On Thursday we saw how just how unjust our voting system is. How can we allow this country, one of the oldest democracies, to be ruled by the voting system, not the people?

How can we compete in this election when millions upon millions of pounds are pumped into marginal seats by people bent on influencing one party or another for their own purposes? They are buying voters preferences through scaremongering propaganda.

How can smaller parties compete in this election when nearly every newspaper in this country threw off any shred of journalistic credibility and integrity and backed one party? What happened to impartial, investigative coverage of news? The dead tree press just got dry rot.

But really, beyond all the partisan politics, it comes down to the voting system.

This situation is now intolerable. Many people in this country will no longer stand for a voting system that disenfranchises and marginalises people. Smaller parties cannot break through the two party monopoly. Voters have to abandon their principles and vote tactically.

And for many, many people there is simply never a chance of voting with their heart for a candidate who could win. Scandalously, some people never got to vote at all, they were locked out of polling stations.

If you can’t stand this any more – there is something you can do about it. Join us on Saturday – 2pm – at Trafalgar Square and demand our democracy back. Wear purple – the colour of suffrage and tell the politicians that they had better back change – for the sake of our democracy. Check out our website, sign the petition and join the campaign to Take Back Parliament. Sign up for the event through Facebook and help spread the word!

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