Winner of Labour’s crowd-sourced ad revealed

Labour has today revealed the winner of its crowd-sourced "create Labour's next ad" competition. It follows the success of the spoof MyDavidCameron website.

After the success earlier this year of websites – like – spoofing Conservative posters, the Labour party has today revealed the winner of its crowd-sourced “create Labour’s next ad” competition.

Jacob Quagliozzi, a 24-year old supporter from St. Albans, designed the winning idea. According to Labour, his poster warns that David Cameron would take Britain on a time-travel journey back to the socially divisive early-80s when the nation was scarred by youth unemployment and social unrest. His design was chosen from more than 1,000 submitted in just three days. A range of the designs are currently on Labour’s website.

This week Mr Quagliozzi visited Labour’s ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, in London to work with the agency’s creative directors. The design will be revealed by Ed and David Miliband in Basildon tomorrow.

Watch a video of Jacob’s trip to Saatchi & Saatchi:

Mr Quagliozzi said:

“I wanted to remind the public that David Cameron has failed to change the Conservative Party and show the threat they would pose to young people.”

“In a clear message to young voters the Miliband brothers will highlight the way an uncaring Tory Government presided over division and decay and left a generation on the scrapheap.

“The Tories, they will say, would take Britain back to the dark ages of the 1980s by failing to support economic recovery and put at risk Labour’s policies to give young people the training, jobs and start in adult life that they need.”

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