UKIP: Obsessed by immigration, under investigation & clueless

Appearing on last night's Campaign Show on News 24, Lord Pearson said that he hadn't "come here to deal with the minutiae" - ie. to talk about his manifesto.

Following the revelation at the weekend that the Electoral Commission was to investigate UKIP leader Lord Pearson over an £80,000 proxy donation via a shady front organisation, it emerged last night that he was clueless about his own party’s manifesto, even implying that it was a small document of no significance. Appearing on last night’s Campaign Show on News 24, he said that he hadn’t “come here to deal with the minutiae” – ie. to talk about his manifesto.

When asked straight out if he had actually read the manifesto, he insisted he had, yet when pressed said:

“Well I haven’t remembered it all in, in detail. I didn’t come on to talk about this sort of nonense.

Watch it:

As well as the questions of probity and competence, UKIP face further accusations that they are nothing more than BNP Lite. On April 9th, Left Foot Forward reported how the UKIP leadership were standing by their PPC for Ilford South Paul Wiffen, who had made racist remarks on a website.

He wrote:

“You Left-wing scum are all the same, wanting to hand our birthright to Romanian gypsies who beat their wives and children into begging and stealing money they can gamble with, Muslim nutters who want to kill us and put us all under medieval Sharia law…”

The Straight Choice website has more examples of the extreme views of UKIP candidates. David Duxbury, candidate for South Ribble, has produced a leaflet with the BNP-esque sign “get lost we’re full” draped across the White Cliffs of Dover, while there are plenty of other examples of UKIP candidates distributing leaflets with the words “say no to mass immigration” plastered across them – written in huge type – and not much else.

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