UKIP compares immigration with oppression of Native Americans

UKIP have issued a leaflet comparing immigration in the UK to the plight of Native Americans in the 19th century. Many were subjected to acts of genocide.

The UK Independence Party have issued a leaflet in Lancaster which compares immigration in the UK to the plight of Native Americans, an indigenous people removed from their land in the early nineteenth century – and in many cases subjected to acts of genocide.

The leaflet, uploaded on The Straight Choice – the election leaflet project, depicts a Native American in full head dress with the caption: “He used to ignore immigration … now he lives on a reservation”.

David Cesarani, an English historian who specialises in Jewish history, states in Holocaust: Critical Concepts in Historical Studies: “in terms of the sheer numbers killed, the Native American Genocide exceeds that of the Holocaust”.

Tonight, the Freesteel blog writes that:

“Some quick checking on-line searching traces this particular idea to the right wing Northern League in Italy in their 2008 elections. (link) Even though they don’t have a, their posters are available on their website. The funny thing is I always thought that italians were better dressed than that baggy green sweater guy.”

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  1. Ell Aitch

    RT @leftfootfwd: New low as UKIP compares immigration to Native Americans oppression in election leaflet

  2. Rowena Harding

    @ TheSC UKIP excel themselves with the native american parallel. Where do such ideas come from? via @leftfootfwd

  3. Scott Jordan Harris

    RT @SamiraAhmedC4: @scottfilmcritic being a fan of Westerns means sometimes having to avert your eyes from bad mistakes. #ukip poster fail

  4. Liz McShane

    I wonder if this was a Lord Pearson special……? They really are completely bonkers… They should change their name to The Monster Raving Loony Party asap.

  5. Social Democrat

    This is a straight copy of a poster for the Italian neo-fascist Northern separatists:

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