The new BNP? UKIP stands by racist PPC

UKIP is standing by racist parliamentary candidate for Ilford South Paul Wiffen, who spoke about "Muslim nutters" and "Romanian gypsies who beat their wives".

The UK Independence Party is today standing by its racist parliamentary candidate for Ilford South Paul Wiffen, saying that since he had “apologised” for his inflammatory remarks about “Left-wing scum”, “Romanian gypsies who beat their wives and children”, “Muslim nutters” and “Africans who sold their Afro-Carribean brothers into slavery”, he was free to carry on. The party has described his comments merely as “mistakes”, insisting they aren’t racist.

Wiffen, who has been suspended as UKIP’s London chair but remains a party candidate, posted the abuse on the social work website “Community Care“. He says he did so to rebut “the lies about UKIP being a racist party”, adding: “I just saw red, and fired off an angry email.”

He was immediately condemned by the candidates for the three main parties. Labour incumbent Mike Gapes said there was an “unpleasant whiff about Mr Wiffen”, Tory PPC Toby Boutle said “it says a lot about UKIP that someone like this is their regional chairman in London” and Liberal Democrat candidate Anood Al-Samerai added: “I would not wish to see this man standing in Ilford South.”


A spokesman for anti-racism campaign group Hope Not Hate told Left Foot Forward that UKIP had “some very odd views … possibly some of them are racist but not all”. In 2006, Conservative Party leader David Cameron had described UKIP as “closet racists“, telling LBC:

“Ukip is sort of a bunch of … fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists mostly.”

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18 Responses to “The new BNP? UKIP stands by racist PPC”

  1. Left Foot Forward

    The new BNP? UKIP stands by racist PPC:

  2. Ali Esbati

    RT @leftfootfwd: The new BNP? UKIP stands by racist PPC:

  3. Outside Left

    I wrote the blog that so incensed Paul Wiffen. As it happens, I didn’t call Ukip racist, although I did describe its policy on asylum as cynical. It was only after Wiffen posted his inflammatory remarks that subsequent respondents questioned Ukip’s race equality credentials.

  4. Robert

    UKIP need to do rather more to distance themselves from this man’s vile and Nazi appeasing remarks.

  5. Anon E Mouse

    His remark “Muslim nutters” needs to be shown in the context it was said really – to be racist it needs surely to be about a race of people and not a religion?

    This is where stupid and ill considered laws passed by the last inept government led by Brown needs to be called to account.

    If this is racist rather than anti religious then the Labour candidate and good personal friend of the Labour Scottish secretary and Gordon Brown’s wife, Stuart MacLennan who has just resigned (or been sacked) sang anti catholic chants – is that also racist?

    I think Shamik has a much bigger story here – especially in light of the general election. Labour candidates, like UKIP candidates seem to be racist.

    Nice one I say Shamik…

  6. Generalissimo

    I think a sense of proportion is needed here. Wiffen sounds uncouth and certainly stupid, I would certainly never vote for somebody like that.

    But ‘vile and Nazi’? That is demeaning to the victims of real racism and belittles the fight against genuine racism.

  7. ClareSaxon

    RT @leftfootfwd The new BNP? UKIP stands by racist PPC

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  9. Liz McShane

    Anon- whether it’s racist or anti- religious it is still pure & inadulterated bigotry and should not be tolerated or tried to be justified . And we also know that anti-muslim remarks just like anti- catholic remarks are more than just attacking a religion, in fact people indulging in this probably have very idea about the relgious doctrine/theology etc.

    Re the Scottish PPC -then it’s right that he has resigned or been sackef if that is what he has said. I just wish the Tories showd the same approach re Grayling.

    Re the Scottish PPC

  10. Robert


    My comments might sound a little extreme taken out of context yet am minded to stand by them – Labour party supporters are not accustomed to being addressed as “Left-Wing Scum”.

    The basis of rational political campaigning is to try to persuade those who do not share one’s views of the strength of one’s argument.

    Calling those who do not agree with you “Scum” tends not to bring many into the fold, does it?

  11. Andy S

    His comments sounded pretty accurate to me. We must live in a Stalinist country if people get shouted down for telling the truth. For example, he was right to say that Britain was the first country to abolish slavery. It’s also a fact that many Islamists in Britain want to bring in Sharia Law which obviously includes punishments such as stoning to death adulterers.

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  13. Jeff

    Wiffen? I think he should be known as Waffen.

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  18. Ralph Musgrave

    Given that the Labour Party took part in the slaughter of a million Muslims in Iraq for no good reason, you’re hardly in a position to express views about the possible racist characteristics of other parties.

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