Tax letter business leaders gave £2.5m to Tories

Signatories to a Daily Telegraph calling for a stop to the proposed increase in national insurance have given nearly £500,000 to the Conservative party.

UPDATE 14.55:

Thanks to our commenter, Henry, who pointed out that, “LFF are only scratching the surface with their list. You need to look at the companies.”

Companies run by the signatories have given an additional £2 million bringing the total donations from tax letter signatories to a stunning £2,484,804. Going through the list it turns out that:

• Aggregate Industries have given £100,500

• JCB have given £616,010 in cash donations and £118,177 non-cash donations

• Bestway Cash & Carry have given £28,852

• Harris Ventures (Lord Harris’ company) have given £1,160,730 in cash donations and £25,135.59 in non-cash donations

Signatories to today’s letter in the Daily Telegraph calling for a stop to the proposed increase in national insurance have given close to half a million pounds to the Conservative party.

The following signatories have made donations to the Conservative party covered on the Electoral Commission register:

• Anthony Bamford has given £86,249.

• Aidan Heavey has given £5,500

• Christopher Gent has given £105,400

• Simon Wolfson has given £238,250

Among the other signatories, Lord Harris of Peckham takes the Conservative whip in the Lords.

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122 Responses to “Tax letter business leaders gave £2.5m to Tories”

  1. Any Colour but Brown

    As always the Mandlebum-lickers try to exaggerate anything anti-Tory into a smear campaign and sweep their own corruption under the carpet.
    The fact that Brown, himself, called NIC a “tax on jobs” is, also, blithely forgotten. Source: Hansard.

  2. Mr. Sensible

    ‘ Any Colour but Brown’, I don’t think anyone likes putting up taxes, but we have to be realistic; those same Tories have lectured us about the need to cut debt.

    The fact is that those retailers oppose this, yet 1 of the alternatives would be to increase VAT. Would they rather that?

  3. Henry

    Seems the Bamford family (& JCB companies) have alone given the Tories around £2.75 million. And that excludes their donations to the Midlands Industrial Council & Shadow Cabinet ministers’ offices.

  4. Gail Cartmail

    RT @leftfootfwd: Tax letter business leaders gave £2.5m to Tories

  5. john

    If you look at the full list of companies that signed the letter to the Telegraph most are in retail, most employ part time just above minimum wage. So how can they claim it will be a tax on jobs when the threshold for paying the increase NI will be 20k.

  6. ollie

    ” most employ part time just above minimum wage…..”

    Aaahhh here is the REAL reason why the Left are so bitter over this story. The cracks are beginning to show – and the Old Left’s detestation of private business, enterprise, wealth creation, etc, etc, etc are here for all to see.

    Brilliant news for the Tories that Labour are going back to their stone age roots.

    By the way, where is MaCavity hiding? Trouble brewing for his party, and here we are again, the PM of this country is nowhere to be seen or heard – like the snivelling, gutless sham that he is.

    I cannot wait to see Brown’s three year long delusion come to a spectacular end.

  7. John77

    “john” says “… most employ part time just above minimum wage. So how can they claim it will be a tax on jobs when the threshold for paying the increase NI will be 20k.”
    Because IT WILL BE. Your remark however would refute the claim by many bloggers that they are doing it out of self-interest IF IT WAS TRUE.
    Elementary economics says that once the price of producing goods rises above the price at which rivals sell competing goods a firm cannot sell them profitably: unless it has another line of highly profitable goods which it can use to cross-subsidise (hoping the EU regulator doesn’t notice) it has to reduce costs by sacking people. You can stop paying dividends but you can only operate at a loss up to the point where you have so nearly exhausted shareholders’ capital that costs of closing down (including statutory redundancy payments) will wipe out what is left.

  8. Henry

    Don’t yer love it? The Tories have announced that Osborne’s NI plan is backed by the Chairman of Alliance Boots….the company who hired as CEO the guy who screwed up HBOS & cost we taxpayers zillions of pounds.

  9. Mr. Sensible

    John the fact that most of them are in retail is half my point; would they rather pay extra VAT?

    BTW, I notice listening to the news tonight that Ian Waterstone is swimming against the tide on this. As soon as I can find a link to a news story about that I’ll post it here.
    Ah, Henry, Boots; the company that are evidently so anti-regeneration in Nottingham through wanting to scrap the Workplace Parking Levy.

  10. Mr. Sensible

    BTW, is this the most commented article LFF has had, Will?

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  12. chengetai

    This smacks of capitalism fighting back and all progressives must unite rebutting this. I would like to know whether any of these bosses supported the minimum wage. I also notice that the signatories were too scared to defend their position on TV.

    Most importantly, the signatories did not say how an increase in VAT (which is what they support by default) would impact on the poor.

    I am not impressed neither am I supprised that big business support the Tories.

  13. Mr. Sensible

    chengetai whilst I agree with you I think we need to be careful; the Tories have denied that they will increase VAT, even though we know that’s what will happen.

  14. DrJasonAbbott

    Revealed donations to Tories by business leaders who oppose 1% cut in N.I

  15. DrJasonAbbott

    #fighters Donations to Tory party by business leaders who oppose 1% cut in N.I revealed

  16. DrJasonAbbott

    Revealed donations to Tories by business leaders who oppose 1% cut in N.I #fb

  17. Nicholas

    I hope they keep giving. We need to get rid of this left wing nonsense from our country. If you want to start a recession keep increasing the public sector without improving its productivity. You commies just don’t get it!
    1. Public Spending IS NOT the same as investment.
    2. Reducing Taxes is not taking the money out of the economy.
    3. Stop taxing our economy into a massive recession!

  18. joefd

    they also donated or paid over 60k to conservative members of parliament – including 8k to cameron and 45k to hague…

  19. Chris

    I find it amusing that a lot of the tory cheerleaders are yet to realise that they are taking a real battering in the polls over this NI issue.

    Mandelson, Brown aren’t that stupid. They’ve been trying to pick this fight on purpose. Brown could have easily left it alone. He was back on at it yesterday. Trying to bait business.


    Latest Sun Poll yesterday suggests that 48% of the electorate disagree with cutting NI. Amazing but true.

    Only 28% back the policy.

    Guardian poll. 70% of people would prefer NI to be raised instead of VAT.

    Tory poll lead has plummeted from 10% to 5% in 4 days over this. The more corporate fat cats that back Cameron, the worse it gets.

    Queue Dave snivelling in his press conference for Brown “to stop fighting with business leaders”.

    He knows full well the conequences of it all. They are losing support.

  20. Chris

    “2. Reducing Taxes is not taking the money out of the economy.”

    Nicholas. A quick lesson in economics.

    Cameron’s prime complaint with NI is that it will stop people hiring, cut the amount of jobs in the economy, and cut the number of tax payers. As well as raise benefit payments.

    A hit to the economy.

    Cameron’s hapless plan? Cut 8% of all public sector job!? That’s 600’000 jobs in less than a year supposedly.

    600’000 less tax payers
    600’000 more people claiming benefit.

    Huge amounts of money taken out of the economy

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