Submit your “people’s policies” and make yourself heard

Don't Panic has produced a new video calling on people to make their policy pitches to the next government, policies they hope to present after the election.

The “Don’t Panic” team, producers of such gems as the video showing the BNP remained closed to non-whites, Tory frontbencher Alan Duncan’s gaffe in which he said MPs lived on “rations”, the opening of a new MI6 “torture club“, putting up a plaque outside disgraced former home secretary Jacqui Smith’s “main home” and having a naked picnic at Tory grandee and expenses loudmouth Anthony Steen’s mansion, has produced a new video ahead of the election.

Their latest campaign calls on people to make their pitch to the next government, and has already elicited policy proposals, from across the board, including the repeal of the hunting act (as suggested by the Countryside Alliance), the scrapping of all nuclear weapons (courtesy of CND), ending the banking bonus culture (from a security guard at Liverpool Street station), or, on a lighter note, more rights for superheroes (from a marathon-running Spiderman).

Watch the video:

Don’t Panic says that, as turnout keeps falling, “whoever wins the next election must make it a priority to reinvigorate our democracy”. They hope to present several policy suggestions to the post-election prime minister, adding:

People’s Policies will tap into the pent-up political energy of the nation and publicise views which many of us may not agree with. We may think some people’s views are daft, unworkable or even abhorrent but, like in the elections, we must trust that the British public have the common sense and right to choose for themselves.

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