Questions for the leaders: foreign policy

Left Foot Forward sets out the key questions we want answered tonight. The topics are Afghanistan, Trident, the EU & Development.

The second leaders’ debate takes place tonight – this time on foreign policy. Readers can join our joint liveblog with Liberal Conspiracy, Labour List, and the New Statesman. Sunder Katwala, Tom Watson, and Jessica Asato from Progress will be those joining us. Sign up for a reminder and join us later. Elsewhere on the web, we understand that the Labour party have added new features to their Debates Dashboard, which will go live at 3pm. And listen to Radio 5 Live before and after the debate to hear Will Straw going head to head with Iain Dale.

As with last week, we set out the key questions that we want answered tonight:


• How long should our troops remain committed to Afghanistan?

• Should Britain’s nuclear deterrence be part of a Strategic Defence Review?

• Do you agree with the fifteen business leaders who write in today’s Financial Times that “we need a government working strongly within the European political mainstream”?

• Are you committed to a global Financial Transaction Tax (aka a “Robin Hood” or “Tobin” tax)?

To David Cameron

• How will you achieve the “two-state solution to the middle east Peace Process” that you advocate in your manifesto, and what will that final status entail?

• How would your military and political strategy on the ground in Afghanistan differ from the Government’s?

• What benefit is there for Britain from European Parliament alliance with parties and individuals who are Islamophobic, against gay rights, and oppose action on climate change?

• Does your commitment to 0.7% of GDP on international development spending stick to the UK definition of ODA which excludes immigration, military and defence related assistance?

To Gordon Brown

• Knowing what you know now, would you still have supported the war in Iraq?

• US Vice-President Joe Biden says “al Qaeda is almost all in Pakistan, and Pakistan has nuclear weapons. And yet for every dollar we’re spending in Pakistan, we’re spending $30 in Afghanistan. Does that make strategic sense?” What do you think?

• Do you agree with Peter Mandelson that “we will” join the European currency?

• In November, you were reported to be pushing the IMF to work up plans for a Financial Transaction or “Tobin” tax. What is your commitment now?

To Nick Clegg

• What does it mean to be a “critical supporters of the Afghanistan mission”?

• Given your commitment to “standing up for liberal values” in the world, would you deploy British troops to conflict regions like Darfur?

• If you are opposed to unilateral nuclear disarmament, what alternatives to Trident are you considering?

• Given your previous commitments, why is there no mention of the European currency in your manifesto?

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  1. House Of Twits

    RT @leftfootfwd The key questions on Afghanistan, Trident, the EU & Development ahead of tonight's debate

  2. Sunny

    RT @leftfootfwd: The key questions on Afghanistan, Trident, the EU & Development ahead of tonight's debate

  3. TH

    The Lib Dem manifesto does refer to the euro:

    “We believe that it is in Britain’s long-term interest to be part of the euro”.

    Page 67

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