Machete leaflet PPC: “I am Dr Earth”

With David Cameron once again complaining about Labour leaflets, he is still refusing to condemn the dog whistle leaflets produced by his own candidates.

With David Cameron once again complaining about alleged “lies” and scaremongering in Labour’s election literature, he still refuses to condemn the dog whistle leaflets produced by his own candidatesexposed by Left Foot Forward yesterday.

One of the most sinister Tory leaflets featured a bloody machete with the words “Labour’s cuts” and the untrue claim violent crime was “up 44%” under Labour – the real figure is a 41% fall. The leaflets were produced by Andrew Charalambous, Tory PPC for Edmonton. Charalambous runs an eco-group called Club4Climate, whose motto is:

“All you have to do is dance to save the world”

Charalambous “sees no reason why environmental awareness and hedonism shouldn’t go hand in hand”; two years ago he organised an “earth friendly” fund-raising party in Ibiza, inviting people to “fly to an island off the Spanish coast where … you can save the world drinking cocktails next to the pool”, for which he was denounced by Friends of the Earth.

He likes to call himself Dr Earth, posting this bizarre video in 2008:

Charalambous is also an advocate of “post humanity“, a concept originating in the fields of science fiction and futurology:

“I want you to become revolutionaries. Green-minded liberal activism desirous of curbing appetites, reducing the thermostat and lowering your position on the food chain will no longer suffice. A revolution, not of guns and tanks, but of consciousness…

“The global establishment is not your enemy. We are all part of the same story. Different petals of the same flower. This revolution must illuminate the very core of who we are. We must move from humanity to post-humanity.

He earlier wrote:

“We should all be aspiring to be post humans now. The metaphysical, cult or scientific technologies are manifesting to enable us to extend our life spans, increase our prosperity, become more fulfilled and live in harmony with the planet. We must set new parameters for our existence. Life without limits.

In my time with the indigenous Dayak tribe of Borneo, I witnessed the ability of their occultists to be utterly invulnerable to sharp blades and fire. In Java I witnessed an Islamic mystic swallow over a hundred razor blades before me. These are natural phenomena which we preclude from our sphere of experience by not thinking laterally and being connected to only pure consciousness.

“All is possible when we drop our ego or conditioned personality and surrender to our fundamental nature. Our destination should be one of co-creators through this feeling of pure consciousness within our hearts, who physical portal is two inches to the right of the centre of the chest.”

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