I met a blue man in Plymouth

David Cameron's anecdotes have come under scrutiny since the leaders' debate. Left Foot Forward takes an evidence-based look at his blue friends in the south.

Our guest writer is Thomas J Blakeford

In Friday’s Guardian, Elaine and Jeremy Windhurst complained that:

“no one has yet commented on the amazing likeness of David Cameron to Iggle Piggle from In the Night Garden on CBeebies. Are we the only ones to have spotted his doppelganger?”

But Left Foot Forward can reveal that the uncanny resemblance was first noted in the same paper just under a year ago. On 23 April 2009, Tanya Gold wrote:

This week Tanya watched Hug a Hoodie: “A 2007 pornographic movie inspired by David Cameron.” Tanya also watched In the Night Garden: “I noticed the astonishing resemblance between Iggle Piggle and David Cameron. I dreamed about David Cameron. I will vote for Gordon Brown.”

And wind the clock back: Cameron’s tubthumpers at Conservative Home noticed the similarity when Nick Clegg was just a candidate for Lib Dem leader in October 2007:

“Then there’s David Cameron, whose looks apparently meet with female approval (though in my opinion he’s a deadringer for Iggle Piggle of CBeebies fame).”

So who would you rather have as Prime Minister?

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