Cameron knew Ashcroft tax status “in last month”

Liam Fox this afternoon admitted that David Cameron knew Lord Ashcroft was a non-dom "within the last month". He refused to say when William Hague first knew.

Liam Fox has this afternoon admitted to Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News that David Cameron knew that Lord Ashcroft was a non-dom “within the last month”. But he refused to set out when William Hague first found out.

Watch it:

Last night, William Hague admitted on the Radio 4’s The World Tonight that he “found out in the last few months about Ashcroft”. It is unclear whether this was before or after he told Andrew Marr that Ashcroft “fulfils the obligations that were imposed on him” in November last year.

As covered on this blog yesterday, Hague also told Jeremy Paxman in June, just nine months ago, that “I have no reason to think he hasn’t complied”.

UPDATE 16.05

The Guardian has five questions for the Conservatives on the Ashcroft affair including “When exactly did [William Hague] discover your party’s deputy chairman was a non-dom?”

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