BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads

A systematic campaign by neo-fascist climate-denying BNP supporters seems to have achieved just what it wanted; the BNP campaigned against these ads and won.

Further to Left Foot Forward’s story here about the decision of the Advertising Standards Authority to ban two climate change ads, it is important for us all to be clear just why the ASA caved in to pressure and made this bizarre decision to ban the excellent “nursery rhyme” adverts on man-made climate change

So, look at this link, not widely picked up last week; here are some of the things said at this notable location:

“This development comes just six weeks after the BNP’s “Operation Fightback” urged supporters to lodge complaints with the ASA over misleading Government claims made in its ‘man-made’ global warming ‘Action on CO2’ television adverts.

“These used the words ‘scientists agree’ in connection with disputed and in some cases, retracted, IPCC findings.

“Specifically Operation Fightback pointed out that the use of the words “scientists agree” implied that all scientists agreed with the now largely debunked IPCC claims made for “man-made” global warming, something which is manifestly untrue.”

There we have it: a systematic campaign by neo-fascist climate-denying BNP supporters seems to have achieved just what it wanted. To sum up, the BNP campaigned against these ads and the ASA did what the BNP were calling for.

It is worth noting also this SERA piece:

“While the ASA decision was dreadful, it is important to be clear nevertheless that the ASA did NOT uphold most of the complaints against this ad campaign.

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22 Responses to “BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads”

  1. Richard Astley

    What charmers RT @leftfootfwd: #BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads:

  2. Robert. P

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads:

  3. RupertRead

    Check out my latest article @leftfootfwd: BNP glee at ASA ban on #climatechange ads:

  4. Billy Blofeld

    How very New Labour. A blatant attempt to brand anyone who questions climate science as being associated with racists, fascists and the BNP. ROFL!

  5. RupertRead

    Check out my latest article on Leftfootfwd: The reasons for the BNP glee at the ASA's ban on those climatechange ads:

  6. Rupert Read

    Like it or not, you ARE associated with them.
    But you have missed the main point of my piece – that there is reason to believe that the BNP-orchestrated campaign against these ads played a causal role in getting them done over by the ASA. Which ought to scare all of us.

  7. Martin Johnston

    it will come as no surprise but the BNP are fucking fuckwits RT @leftfootfwd: BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads:

  8. Billy Blofeld


    Who cares if the BNP campaigned against the ads? The ASA were the people who had to decide if the claim was right or wrong. Is there anything sinister about the ASA?

  9. Rupert Read

    The ASA have made a demonstrably dreadful decision here. And they made it under public pressure. From fascists.
    End of.

  10. Billy Blofeld

    There is an appeals process. Use it.

    If the ASA has bent to unreasonable pressure form the BNP – then the public need to know.

  11. Rupert Read

    The first thing I did when I found out about this decision was write to the ASA in protest complaining and demanding clarification. Sadly, I have heard nothing back as yet.
    I think that it would be great if lots of people appealed. Thanks for posting the link here, Billy.
    [p.s. I’m actually a Green, and not at all a New Labour person!]

  12. Rory

    As Rupert Read says, ‘End of.’ People in search of original thought or serious debate should steer clear of this website.

  13. Rupert Read

    Presumably, Rory, you place yourself in that category. In which case, Goodbye! We won’t expect to see you back, and will be disappointed / confused if you do comment further. We can do without such comments.
    [_My_ comment, as is fairly obvious if you read it in context, was intended to address Billy’s implication that there was no case for worrying about or being doubtful about the ASA. In other words, what I was saying with my remark ‘End of’ was simply: There is such a case.]

  14. RupertRead

    Check out my latest article on @Leftfootfwd : The reasons for the BNP glee at the ASA's ban on those climatechange ads:

  15. 67251

    Mr Read, you come across as very pompous and arrogant and will only turn people away with your manner. If you feel that the ASA genuinely have bent to pressure from the BNP then firstly take it up with them. I would be more than astounded if they have caved in to fascists. I suspect they simply viewed the ads and came to a reasoned judgement that you feel is incorrect.

  16. uberVU - social comments

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by leftfootfwd: BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads:

  17. Andrew Saffrey

    RT @leftfootfwd: BNP glee at ASA ban on climate ads

  18. Free The Whale

    This Rupert Read guy should be thrown out of the Green Party forthwith. Who the hell does he think he is with these views? The Green Party just lost my family’s votes – the man is a disgrace and why this blog has anything to do with him is anyones guess.

  19. Jan Novak

    Well done to the BNP and their supporters.

    ‘climate-denying BNP supporters’

    Nobody in the BNP denies that the climate is not changing. The climate is changing and its not man made, climate change is happening due to natural events and if you had read the report on the BNP site you would have found that out. But the BNP are climate fascists and everything the BNP says or does is evil.

  20. Rupert Read

    67251: As I have already pointed out above, I HAVE taken this up with the ASA: they have not deigned to reply. When and if they do reply, you can be sure that I will point out what they have said, here.
    Free the Whale: The kind of person who determines how his whole family votes is not the kind of person who votes Green Party anyway… So, frankly, I don’t believe that we just LOST your vote through this post. And I can tell you: Greens are thoroughly annoyed and angry with the ASA for the appalling way they have acted here.

  21. Dr Kaihsu Tai

    ASA allows Électricité de France’s ‘Green Britain Day’ advert, Taxpayers’ Alliance’s exaggeration of ‘European Union cost to Britain’; but attacks Home Office’s Policing Pledge advert and Department of Energy and Climate Change’s scientific basis.

    A non-statutory self-regulatory body of private advertising vehicles (read: club) is now interfering with, even censoring, the Government’s communication with citizens. It takes upon itself as a semi-judicial tribunal to adjudicate in these matters, applying rules of evidence that it made up for itself. What is going on? We have Parliament and courts for this kind of things.

    This has constitutional and democratic implications. This is especially grave if the matter at hand is about national security (wartime propaganda) or public health (think AIDS, MMR, swine flu campaigns). ‘It has [not] been conclusively proven that MMR is safe and does not cause autism’: it can go either way, depending on the threshold of proof ASA sets up for itself.

    Now, recall several months ago, the Outdoor Advertising Association ran the with reactionary slogans. Sounds fishy. Do you know any investigative journalist who might want to have a go at this?

  22. Rupert Read

    Thanks Kaihsu.
    In reply to Jan Novak: I am well-aware of the garbage – that has been comprehensively refuted over the past few years, by the climate science academic world – that the BNP are spouting, the nonsense about ‘sunspot cycles’ and so on. More importantly: It is interesting and depressing that the fact that you are a denier of manmade climate change makes you sympathetic to a fascist Party.

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