Nasty party: Tory poster spoof swaps humour for bile

The nasty party is back. The ConservativeHome's new poster spoof website exchanges humour for bile.

After three rounds of Tory poster spoofs, ConservativeHome have today launched their own spoof website of a spoof website of Conservative posters.

Confused? They seem to be, exchanging humour with bile, mocking anyone on benefits as being scroungers and suggesting that the Labour government is on the side of burglars. You can take a look for yourself at the new site, ‘I’ve never voted Labour before‘.

But even a spoof of a spoof can be spoofed.

And we wouldn’t be Left Foot Forward without a good stat so (hat-tip @Jessica_Asato):

Benefit fraud: 0.6% of expenditure, including error = c£2.7bn. Tax havens = c£18.5bn: <why I don’t like @mylabourposter

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