Don’t let Bin Laden discredit climate change

Osama Bin Laden has called for the world to boycott US goods & the US dollar, blaming them for climate change, according to a new audiotape released last week.

Climategate was a well coordinated, strategic and devastating attack on the Copenhagen climate talks in December last year. With unprecedented moves from US and China in the run-up, the world’s media and attention was hooked onto the alleged manipulation of data at the University of East Anglia. That stolen information framed the entire negotiations, and set it up for failure.

Today the prospect of a clean-energy economy faces a new threat.

Osama bin Laden has called for the world to boycott American goods and the US dollar, blaming the United States for climate change, according to a new audiotape released last week. Right-wing media outlets including The Daily Telegraph, Drudge and Fox News, are already seizing on the al-Qaeda leader’s comments.

All this came on the same day the American administration formally announced its 2020 carbon targets, and a 39 per cent increase in wind-power.

Those in the struggle for a clean-energy economy and safe climate futur, should ask themselves why bin Laden would come out with this statement. This is the man who has shown no concern for human life, indeed revels in killing innocent people – why does he now care about rising sea-levels?

His plan is to drive the wedge between the climate cynics and climate activists even further, and it’s already working. This is the perfect story to kill any federal climate bill in the US. In fact it’s the perfect strategy if you desire chaos and destruction.

Any association with him immediately demonises the climate movement, and will maintain the stranglehold of oil-rich nations over the American economy. More worryingly in the long term, a world in the throws of extreme weather and an unpredictable food-supply is rich pickings for a fanatic totalitarian.

So how should the environmental movement respond?

Immediately and unequivocally condemn his comments. We can’t let ourselves be aligned with a terrorist. Bin Laden isn’t an environmentalist and cares nothing about climate change (because that would mean caring about people).

• Whatever your feelings on climate change; don’t use his comments for your cause, because actually he will be using you.

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