Tony Blair must answer “tough questions” at the Iraq Inquiry tomorrow

Activists are preparing to petition the Iraq Inquiry to ask Mr Blair “tough questions” when appears tomorrow.

38 Degrees are preparing to deliver members’ messages to the Iraq Inquiry panel before Tony Blair faces questions tomorrow.

We have produced our largest-ever petition, with almost 14,000 signatories urging Sir John Chilcot, chair of the inquiry, to ask Mr Blair “tough questions”.

38 Degrees members have also been asking questions about the reasons we went to war, the change in legal opinions and the degree to which the former Prime Minister did, or did not, consider the aftermath of a war.

38 Degrees are also working hard to deliver questions over the next 24 hours, before the questioning begins.

David Babbs, Executive Director of 38 Degress, told Left Foot Forward:

“We’re planning to take the petition to the panelists this evening, along with a cake with the number of people supporting the petition

“We’re also going to drop off the petition on the morning itself and send e-mails of the petition to key members of the panel and the secretariat.

“And in the morning, before Blair appears, we’ll be outside the Inquiry with a troop of cheerleaders, who are planning to ‘cheer’ the panel members with our questions as they enter and leave the building.”

38 Degrees has a successful history of campaigning on the Iraq Inquiry: in June 2009, just weeks after its launch, we ran a petition calling for the Inquiry to be held in public, rather than behind closed doors, as had been proposed.

We delivered a copy of the petition to every MP. Now, we want to see the Inquiry panel grill Mr Blair about his reasons for taking us to war, so we get the answers we deserve.

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