Haiti appeal launched – please donate

The Disasters Emergency Committee has launched an appeal to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. Left Foot Forward urges all readers to donate.


Call: 0370 6060 900 or visit: tinyurl.com/haiti-appeal

Or donate directly to these specific aid agencies:

Oxfam, who will provide clean water, shelter and sanitation

UNICEF, who aim to help children affected by the earthquake

Médecins Sans Frontières, whose teams on the ground report “significant damage to its medical facilities, injuries to patients and staff and an influx of wounded”, mobile phone networks down and road access hampered; and the

Mercy Corps, who help survivors “meet their immediate needs and recover what they’ve lost”.

The Huffington Post has links to more sites, including:

• The Red Cross, whose staff and volunteers are on the scene carrying out search and rescue, providing first aid and distributing relief;

Save The Children, who will be saving children’s lives by providing shelter, clean water, food and medical assistance; and the

International Rescue Committee, who have deployed their emergency response team to Haiti, helping those devastated by the tragedy to rebuild their homes and communities.

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