Boris’ achievements exposed

Conservative Home this morning has a list of Boris Johnson’s 100 achievements since taking over in May 2008. But prolific London blogger, Adam Bienkov, outlines which actually add up.

On his Tory Troll blog, Bienkov outlines that:

“A few are real achievements but most are either deliberately misleading, or point to some new definition of “achievement” that I’ve yet to come across.”

He highlights two laughable “achievements”:

“27. The Queen’s portrait unveiled in City Hall.”

“73. Boris Johnson appeared in EastEnders visiting the Queen Vic.”

And goes on to examine the evidence base between some of the other claims:

1. “Frozen the Council Tax for two years running.”
Yes, but he’s also raised public transport fares for two years running. This cancels out any council tax savings by many, many times over.
5. “There are 400 more police officers for buses.”
63. “Knife crime is down by 30%.”
79. “Overall crime on the Tube and DLR is down by 8%. Robbery is down by 29.2%, violent crime is down 2.6% and public disorder offences are down by 4.5%.”
But Gun enabled crime has gone up 67.1%, Homophobic crime is up 27.6% Rape is up 22%, other sexual offences are up 2.2%, Residential burglary is up 7.5%, business robbery is up 3.3%, Residential burglary is up 7.5%, Racist crime is up 6.9%
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19 Responses to “Boris’ achievements exposed”

  1. Matthew McGregor

    Queen's portrait being hung up in City Hall is listed as a Boris "achievement" by conhome keep going lads, keep going.

  2. Adam Bienkov

    RT @leftfootfwd Boris' achievements exposed by @AdamBienkov

  3. Martin Johnston

    I genuinely think he's the worst politician in the country RT @leftfootfwd: Boris' achievements exposed by @AdamBienkov

  4. Emma Burnell

    RT @AdamBienkov: RT @leftfootfwd Boris' achievements exposed by @AdamBienkov

  5. bohaynowell

    RT @AdamBienkov: RT @leftfootfwd Boris' achievements exposed by @AdamBienkov

  6. Rory

    The Labour government must take a large share of the blame for high crime in London. A government that really cared about cutting crime would build more prison capacity to prevent overcrowding without having to resort to early release. They would also do something to stop the mass drug abuse that goes on in our prisons.

    I don’t even think that LFF would say that our prison system is something to be proud of.

  7. Kris Jones

    Build more prisons Rory? Since when did that have any impact on crime. In 1992 the prison population was 43,000. It’s now almost double that with noticeable impact on crime and fear of crime. All prison provides for many first offenders with an apprenticeship in crime and confirmation of a criminal career.

  8. Rory

    In the 1950s, when violent criminals faced long prison sentences – and in some cases the gallows – violent crime was lower. It has soared since the 1960s. I wonder why?

    The reason they provide apprenticeships for crime is the way they are run. For example, the toleration of mass drug abuse.

  9. Kris Jones

    There were never more than 27,000 prisoners in England and Wales during the 1950s. I can’t find any evidence that sentences were longer then than now. However, the length of sentences has increased substantially since 1993.

  10. Silent Hunter

    Listen guys; if that’s the best you can do against “BoJo”, then he really hasn’t much to worry about from the yappings of the rabid left.

    Out of 100 achievements – you can only find 7 that YOU don’t agree with.
    Of that seven, two are from an obscure blog (left wing, surprise!) and the Guardian piece doesn’t even mention Boris.

    Face it – what really pisses you people off, is his popularity with Londoners. They actually LIKE the guy and consider him to be more honest than Gordon Brown.

    Only a few months left of Labour Corruption, then it’s F.O. Labour! – Woo Hoo! :o)

  11. Rory

    Kris – From the fact that they used to hang the most violent offenders, I think you can surmise that those whose crimes were slightly down the scale would not have been released after a few years to commit crimes, as happens today. If we had a proper prison system – where for example, prisoners could not take drugs – I do not think we would have such a high prison population.

  12. Rory

    Silent Hunter – If you really are fed up with our corrupt politics, I wouldn’t get too excited about the advent of the ‘heir to Blair.’

  13. Silent Hunter


    Oh don’t worry . . . I have no illusions about another Tory Government, believe me. But let’s face it Rory, even the hated Thatcher didn’t foist such fascist policies on us as New Stassi have given us.
    Labour are just Corrupt Scum. I had no idea how bad they would be when I voted for them in 1997, expecting a turn around of our political system – remember the promised “ethical foreign policy”?

    Well what we got, was an illegal war. So you tell me . . . where is the ethical dimension to that? Hmmm?

  14. Silent Hunter

    I see that no one has come back to counter the fact that Boris is very well liked by the people of London.
    I wonder why? Could it be he doesn’t tell the LIES that Labour do?

  15. Sevillista

    Rory- capital punishment certainly prevents murders and violent crime in the US – we should copy their policy and aspire to the
    low crime utopia it has created right?

  16. Rory

    We can have the debate about capital punishment another time, but since you mention the US, I believe the experience of New York City under Mayor Giuliani was quite successful.

  17. Sevillista


    You said that “in the 1950s, when violent criminals faced long prison sentences – and in some cases the gallows – violent crime was lower. It has soared since the 1960s. I wonder why?” – definitely
    implying capital punishment and long sentences with no second chance or rehabilitation is the solution to violent crime.

    So I was merely asking if your low-crime utopia is the US as it sounds
    like you are describing the criminal justice system there as the solution to violent crime.

    Why change the subject?

  18. Rory


    I do think that capital punishment is in some cases a deterrent, but that is not the same thing as supporting it.

    I called for building more prisons to prevent early release of violent offenders without having overcrowded prisons which is inhumane. And I called for drug use to be stamped out in prisons. Surely any sensible person would support that?

    I mentioned capital punishment in the 1950s to underline that they dealt with crime more severely then.

  19. John

    Oh yes Rory – and in the real ‘good old days’ days we would lock bankrupts up – shall we do that again – I mean there’s a few bankers would need to be clapped in irons.
    Maybe you think it’s acceptable for society to lock up people who are merely mimicing the selfish behaviour of our leaders – but it won’t stop it happening.

    How many psychopaths think ‘will I get hanged for this?’ before committing a haenous crime?
    How many innocent men would have been hung by mistake – I mean you have heard of a ‘miscarriage of justice’ haven’t you?

    Sure, taking drugs out of prisons would help – but how about controlling their use outside of prisons too – I mean most drug users don’t have access to boats and planes – so who do you think is bringing it all into the country?

    Open your eyes Rory – you will see the world is very different to the one you’re being presented by the media.

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