Boris’ achievements exposed

Conservative Home this morning has a list of Boris Johnson’s 100 achievements since taking over in May 2008. But prolific London blogger, Adam Bienkov, outlines which actually add up.

On his Tory Troll blog, Bienkov outlines that:

“A few are real achievements but most are either deliberately misleading, or point to some new definition of “achievement” that I’ve yet to come across.”

He highlights two laughable “achievements”:

“27. The Queen’s portrait unveiled in City Hall.”

“73. Boris Johnson appeared in EastEnders visiting the Queen Vic.”

And goes on to examine the evidence base between some of the other claims:

1. “Frozen the Council Tax for two years running.”
Yes, but he’s also raised public transport fares for two years running. This cancels out any council tax savings by many, many times over.
5. “There are 400 more police officers for buses.”
63. “Knife crime is down by 30%.”
79. “Overall crime on the Tube and DLR is down by 8%. Robbery is down by 29.2%, violent crime is down 2.6% and public disorder offences are down by 4.5%.”
But Gun enabled crime has gone up 67.1%, Homophobic crime is up 27.6% Rape is up 22%, other sexual offences are up 2.2%, Residential burglary is up 7.5%, business robbery is up 3.3%, Residential burglary is up 7.5%, Racist crime is up 6.9%
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