The Daily Pravda spin Moscow’s line

The Daily Express have attacked the Met Office, using flawed Russian State data to accuse them of falsifying evidence on climate change.

The increasing desperation of the Daily Express was laid bare today with yet another front page article denying climate change.

Parrotting the line spun by the semi-official Russian State RIA Novosti news agency, the paper claimed, without evidence, that the Hadley Centre “probably tampered with Russian climate data”.

The story, that Met Office climatologists ignored data that contradicted their assumptions, follows the Express’s front-page earlier this week listing “100 REASONS WHY GLOBAL WARMING IS NATURAL” – ‘evidence’ comprehensively demolished by the New Scientist.

Their latest piece is on even shakier ground, and appears to have been fed to them by the Russian Government, whose vast oil, gas and revenues could be imperiled if a world leaders agree strong measures to deal with climate change at Copenhagen.

The Institute of Economic Analysis, the group behind the smears, was founded by Andrey Illarionov – a former aide to Vladimir Putin.

The main attack on the Met Office, that they only select weather stations which favour their hypotheses, would appear to be entirely baseless. The set of stations they use are evenly distributed across the globe and aren’t even picked by them.

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