Right-wing scholar rounds on Tory EU strategy

A leading right-wing professor will tonight criticise the Tory's EU strategy. In a debate in the Commons he will discuss its impact on intelligence cooperation.

A leading right-wing professor of security and intelligence issues will this evening criticise the Conservative party’s European strategy at a debate in the House of Commons.

Professor Anthony Glees, Director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the private Buckingham University will say:

“The UK’s future domestic security lies in ever closer intelligence cooperation with our EU partners.

“The Conservative Party’s mindless cold shouldering of the Centre Right in Europe has robbed them of the chance to work with the ruling parties of nations who have the best intelligence capacity, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.”

Professor Glees is described by the Guardian as “one of the original professional academics to undertake scholarly analysis of intelligence issues in the UK.” He is regarded as being right-wing, for example arguing in 2006 for the consideration of internment without trial. Glees is also associated with the British neoconservative think tank, the Henry Jackson Society.

He is speaking at the first of a series of events organised by ‘EU.K. Debate’, a “politically neutral, Westminster-based, public debating forum, seeking to explore the EU dimension of topical UK political issues.”

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