Happy Christmas!

Left Foot Forward will be offline until January 4th but we wanted to take this opportunity to wish all our readers, writers, moles, twitter followers, commenters, and facebook fans a very happy Christmas!

If this is your first time on the website, the following are five of our best stories since we launched in September. We hope you like them.

October 8th: David Cameron’s speech: Reaction

Our live analysis of the Leader of the Opposition’s speech to the Conservative party conference.

October 26th: Sexist and Islamophobic: Cameron’s European allies

Most people know about Michal Kaminski, but it would appear, sadly, that his extreme views are far from alone amongst the Tories’ European allies. Our investigation finds sexism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in their Belgian and Dutch partners.

November 2nd: Why Melanie Phillips is Nutts on drugs

Mark Thompson’s Excellent dissection of the Daily Mail’s hysterical, reactionary response to the sacking of Government drugs adviser Professor Nutt.

November 20th: Truth behind TaxPayers’ Alliance’s EU attack ad

Shamik’s line-by-line demolition of the TPA’s alarmist anti-European cinema ad, which claimed EU membership costs each citizen £2,000 a year – the true figure is a net cost of £15 per person per year. We hope to report back in the new year on the outcome to our complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. See also Shamik’s article this week taking apart Tory MEP Daniel Hannan’s “Ten reasons to leave the EU”.

November 23rd: Why Lord Lawson is wrong

Joss Garman’s point-by-point rebuttal of a Nigel Lawson article on climate change, in which the former Chancellor claimed there had been “no further warming at all” this century. We also carried out an investigation, later that week, into Lord Lawson and fellow Tory Peter Lilley’s links to big oil and the conflicts therein.

Merry Christmas once again and best wishes for a fantastic New Year from all the team at Left Foot Forward; we look forward to welcoming you back on January the fourth.

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  1. Shamik Das

    Time to par-tay!!!!! RT @leftfootfwd: Merry Chrismas everyone! http://is.gd/5yxpE We'll be back on January 4th…

  2. Darrell

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the team at Left Foot Forward too.

  3. Anon E Mouse

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members of LFF and to everyone I’ve irritated in 2009. Have a good one all….

  4. Eddy

    Have you really only been going since September?! It feels like you’ve done so much since then! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all and keep up the good work 🙂

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