Climate denier unmasked: Tory peer calls Jewish climate activists “Hitler Youth”

Tory peer in attack on Jewish climate change activists; calls them “Hitler Youth”

Leading climate sceptic Lord Monckton has launched a venom-dripped tirade against young climate change activists, comparing them to Hitler Youth.

Eyes bulging, face contorted and jabbing threateningly, the former adviser to Margaret Thatcher tells Jewish activist Ben Wessel:

“No, no. I’m not going to shake the hand of Hitler Youth.”

To which Ben replied:

“Sir, as a Jew I’m not really sure how I should take that.”


“I’ll tell you how you should take it. You should take it.”


“My grandparents escaped the Nazis growing up in Germany.”

Watch the confrontation in full:

Make up your own minds whose side you’d rather be on.

Hat-tip: Josh Dorner of the Sierra Club

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