TPA more “out of touch” than the Archbishop

Polling evidence reveals that the Archbishop of Canterbury is more in tune with “the British taxpaying public” than the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

The Express today carries a quote from the Tax Payers Alliance (TPA) accusing the Archbishop of Canterbury of being “out of touch” after he called for increased green taxation to gear the economy towards a more sustainable path.

Susie Squire, the political director of the TPA, said:

“The Archbishop is showing yet again how out of touch he is with the British taxpaying public.”

But as Left Foot Forward reported yesterday, there is clear poll evidence showing support for higher green taxes.

57 per cent would support “new taxes on air travel with the aim of reducing the number of flights people take.”

68 per cent would support “much higher taxes on cars that use a lot of petrol and emit a lot of carbon dioxide.”

The evidence suggests it’s the TPA that are out of touch.

And last month Left Foot Forward reported that:

• There was substantial support in principle for green taxes – 51 per cent support versus 32 per cent opposition.

• There was a significant increase in support if revenue was to be hypothecated to be spent on projects to directly reduce carbon dioxide emissions – support rose to 73 per cent and opposition fell to 17 per cent.

• Support for green taxes rose even higher if other taxes were to be reduced at the same time. Support was 77 per cent in favour versus 9 per cent in opposition.

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