Sun bias in council tax reporting

The Sun gives the misleading impression that “council tax has doubled” because of Labour’s policies - seven of the ten councils with the biggest rises are Tory.

Page two of yesterday’s Sun ran an article by Deputy Political Editor Graeme Wilson slamming the Labour government for overseeing council tax rises of more than double and up to treble in some areas.

Shadow communities secretary Caroline Spelman was only too happy to give a quote:

“The figures show for the first time just how much Gordon Brown has been snatching to feed the economic black hole his polices have created”

The only problem for The Sun and Ms Spelman is their spin hides the truth.

Accompanying the article is a table showing the ten highest rises in council tax over the last decade. These councils are:

1. City of London – N/A
2. Tower Hamlets – Labour
3. South Cambridgeshire – Conservative
4. East Cambridgeshire – Conservative
5. Fenland – Conservative
6. Westminster – Conservative
7. Wandsworth – Conservative
8. Brent – Conservative/Lib Dem
9. Hackney – Labour
10. Torridge – Conservative/Ind
Just two of those councils are controlled by Labour in contrast to seven of those councils that have Tories either leading them or in the executive. This leaves the myth that the Tories are the party of low council tax truly in tatters.

It also further highlights that The Sun is simply becoming an attack sheet for the Conservative party and has lost all interest whatsoever in honest and impartial reporting, it now has a political agenda that is going to drive virtually every article they are going to write between now and the next election.

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