Two-thirds support Government’s points-based immigration system

Sunday’s News of the World poll showed 64 % of the public supported the Government’s ponts-based immigration system - yet only 21 % thought their policies best.

Sunday’s News of the World poll on the impact of Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time has revealed that three times as many people support the Government’s points-based immigration system than the Conservatives’ proposals for an annual cap on the number of new migrants.

The data, published in full today, shows 64 per cent of those polled favour the points-based system which came into effect last year, compared to 20 per cent who prefer the Conservative policy of an annual limit. Speaking on Question Time last week, Baroness Warsi said:

“There are a number of things that we have to do. First of all I don’t think people in this country say we don’t want black and brown people, what they say is we need a cap on the number of people who are coming here.

“The Conservative party policy is very, very clear, we would have an annual cap, we would have an annual limit.”

The results, however, show that the public do not associate the points-based system with Labour. When asked “which one of the following political parties do you think has the best policies on immigration”, the results showed Labour on only 21 per cent – despite the high support for their policy – with the Conservatives on 26 per cent, the Liberal Democrats 13 per cent and the BNP on six per cent.

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