Left Foot Forward welcomes Rupert Read

Cllr Rupert Read (@RupertRead) has joined Left Foot Forward as a new writer on environmental and social policy. We are very pleased to welcome Rupert who is one of 20 Green Party Councillors in Norwich. Rupert is also a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia where he specialises in environmental and political philosophy and analysis of propaganda. Rupert blogs at Rupert’s Read.

Rupert has already written once for Left Foot Forward. His post “Who can cut the hardest? The narrative firms up” argued that:

“Anyone listening to the Today programme this morning, as discussion began of the Conservatives’ plan to raise the retirement age, could be in no doubt as to how much the media consensus has firmed up behind a virility contest among politicians over who will cut ‘hardest’.

We look forward to many more contributions.

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