Left Foot Forward banned from Tory party conference

Left Foot Forward has been banned from attending Conservative Party conference. In a letter dated 23rd September from the Conservative Party’s Head of Conferences, Stephen Williams writes:

“I am writing to let you know that you application to attend the above event [Conservative Party Conference] has been rejected…

“For over twenty years the party has included the following words on its application forms; ‘the completion and submission of this application does not confer any right upon the applicant to attend conference. The Conservative Party reserves the right to refuse admission to any person without ascribing any reason thereto.’

“I am sure you appreciate that these words and this policy were carefully chosen to avoid the development of any misunderstanding.

“I know this is not the reply you were hoping for, and I am sorry for that. However, it would not be sensible for me to fly in the face of agreed and accepted practices.”

Left Foot Forward will, nonetheless, report live from the Conservative fringe.

17 Responses to “Left Foot Forward banned from Tory party conference”

  1. Shamik Das

    RT @leftfootfwd: Left Foot Forward banned from Tory party conference: http://bit.ly/1cRhJH What r they scared of? What hv they got to hide?!

  2. Bill Kristol-Balls

    Can you get some ‘Blair 4 President’ t-shirts made up for y’all to wear when interviewing the Tory faithful?

  3. Howard Reed

    “agreed and accepted practices” = banning anybody from the party conference who might disagree with you. Sounds like the Conservative party is less in favour of free speech than they might want us to believe!

  4. Daryn McCombe

    RT @leftfootfwd Left Foot Forward banned from Tory party conference: http://bit.ly/1cRhJH

  5. Sunder Katwala

    @samuelcoates might open web spirit see party drop policy of refusing conf access to grown-up oppo like @leftfootfwd http://tiny.cc/c6oCk

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