Green MEPs round on Cameron

Two senior Green MEPs have spoken out against David Cameron’s decision to move Conservative MEPs from the European People’s Party grouping to the new European Conservative and Reformists, criticising his decision to join forces with people who “deny that there is climate change,” saying he now “ranks in fifth place in the European Parliament.”

Speaking exclusively to Left Foot Forward at a conference of progressives in Madrid last week, Philippe Lamberts MEP of Belgium, co-spokesperson for the European Greens, and Reinhart Buetikofer MEP of Germany, Party Leader Alliance 90 / The Greens (2002-08), set out their thoughts on Cameron’s ability to bring about meaningful reforms on climate change.

Philippe Lamberts MEP :

“He claims to be very strong on climate change and he is linking with people who deny that there is climate change in the first place. So I’d like to understand the move. I’m not sure it’s a very wise decision …

“There’s no way [the new coalition can last]. I think this was a tactical move and I will bet with you that he will be back with the EPP before the end of the term.”

Reinhart Buetifkofer MEP of Germany, Party Leader Alliance 90 / The Greens (2002-008):

“Generally speaking I don’t think he did himself any favours by joining … Now he ranks in 5th place in the EP along with his colleagues in the right wing Polish PiS party.

“With regard to Copenhagen, if there would be a strong European voice from the Parliament and from the Cion, Europe would be in a position to have again a leadershop role. The fact that the British tories and some other groups have chosen to take a more eurosceptic and orgainse apart from the pro-European Conservative forces adds a new division to the EP, makes the EP less able to move with great force and great unanimity, and therefore they will weaken the European position in Copenhagen …

“If he continues to pursue the course that he has set for his own party, I don’t think it wil be possible to give him good advice because he will be out in the cold and we will do everything to isolate him in Europe.”

Watch the video of M. Lamberts:

Watch the video of Herr Buetikofer:

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  1. Shamik Das

    RT @leftfootfwd: Green MEPs round on Cameron for European alliance with far-Right climate change-deniers and Fascists:-

  2. Will Straw

    Green MEPs round on Cameron for new EU alliance: "they will weaken the position in Copenhagen"

  3. James Mackenzie

    RT @wdjstraw Green MEPs round on Cameron for new EU alliance: "they will weaken the position in Copenhagen"

  4. Luke

    A Cameron Government would find it very difficult to be taken seriously in Europe.

    I’ve blogged about Cameron and Europe today.

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