Cameron on Kaminski: “He is not a homophobe, he’s not a racist, he’s not an anti-Semite”

David Cameron today launched an impassioned defence of Polish Fascist Michal Kaminski, saying he was “not a homophobe”, “not a racist” and “not an anti-Semite”.

In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, David Cameron today defended controversial Polish extremist Michal Kaminski, insisting he was neither homophobic, racist nor anti-semitic. Cameron also backed the Latvian For Fatherland and Freedom party, which holds annual street parties to commemorate the Waffen SS.

David Cameron said:

“I see this as a totally politically-driven campaign and particular nonsense.

“In terms of Michal Kaminski, who I have met, he is not a homophobe, he’s not a racist, he’s not an anti-semite. When he came to the Conservative conference the one event I know of he had lunch with the Israeli ambassador.

“On the whole issue of Latvia the key is that it was the allies after the war who made the judgement about who served in the German army who were conscripted to do so and I don’t see a reason for changing that judgement.

“If you ask me the whole thing is a politically driven campaign. Eventually these people will get bored.”

He added:

“It’s a very political campaign to just cause huge amounts of mischief. When you examine all these claims they all sort of collapse into complete nonsense.”

Here are just a few of those claims; decide for yourself whether they all “collapse into complete nonsense”:

  • Michal Kaminski on homosexuality: “What should I say? They are fags.”
  • Michal Kaminski on the Jedwabne massacre of 6,000 Jews: “If you are asking the Polish nation to apologise for the crime made in Jedwabne, you would require from the whole Jewish nation to apologise for what some Jewish communists did in eastern Poland.”
  • Latvian Roberts Zile on the SS: “Tragic heroes.”

Listen to Mr Cameron’s defence of Mr Kaminski below:

Left Foot Forward yesterday exposed the sexist and Islamophobic tendencies of David Cameron’s partners in Belgium and Holland.

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