UKIP reveal obsession with immigration

Speaking on the Today programme this morning, outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage revealed his party’s immigration prejudices. When asked why people should vote for him he said:

“I don’t think that it’s acceptable that we have 75 per cent plus of our laws made in Brussels. I think it is vital that we do something about re-establishing proper border controls in this country to stop us inexorably heading for a population of 70 million.

“I think there are some big national issues that the parties try to avoid in General Elections and it’s my job to have a proper debate about these things in Buckingham.”

Listen to it here:

The words of Mr Farage and many on the Right, including the Daily Mail and Migration Watch, take little or no account of the facts. Data released by the ONS last week and covered by Left Foot Forward undermine Farage’s concerns about border control. The figures show that although population in the UK increased by more than 400,000 in 2008, this was largely due to increases in the birth rate. Indeed, net migration in 2008 was down 44% to 118,000 from a peak of well over 200,000 in 2005-06.

UKIP had previously been described as a “bunch of fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists” by Conservative leader David Cameron. Mr Farage, who will resign as leader at UKIP’s annual conference this weekend, announced yesterday that he will break with parliamentary precedent and challenge House of Commons Speaker John Bercow in his Buckinghamshire seat at the forthcoming election.

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