McMillan-Scott “warned Cameron” about Kaminsky’s past

Edward McMillan-Scott, sacked from the Tory party by David Cameron for standing up to Fascism, says he warned his former colleagues about Michal Kaminski's past

Sacked MEP Edward McMillan-Scott claims to have warned David Cameron months ago about Polish extremist Michal Kaminski’s past. Writing on the Guardian website, Mr McMillan-Scott hit back at the Tory leadership for failing to support him and lamented its caving in to “a group of Europhobes led by Dan Hannan” that lead to them leaving the mainstream European People’s Party (EPP) grouping.

McMillan-Scott also criticised William Hague for his refusal to see the truth about Kaminski. He had warned the shadow foreign secretary of Kaminski’s anti-Semitic demagoguery about “Poland for the Poles,” his failure to apologise for the Jedwabne pogrom, and his homophobic remarks about “faggots.”

He added:

“My stand was against Kaminski, who negotiated the deal with Cameron and used it to make his controversial Polish party respectable. This represents the rise of disguised extremism – the widespread ‘entryism’ into mainstream parties that must be stopped. As I said on the BBC’s Today programme (which said I could not discuss Kaminski), to lose the whip on a point of principle is no shame – as Harold MacMillan did in 1937 for opposing appeasement. But to be expelled for it is outrageous.

“I also referred to the ECR’s political incoherence, now amplified by the discovery that Kaminski is pro-Lisbon treaty and pro-CAP (Common Agricultural Policy). The ECR group has little capacity to deliver Cameron’s agenda on EU reform, climate change and open markets, which I share.”

Mr McMillan-Scott’s expulsion from the Conservative party, on Tuesday, came the day after Germany’s governing centre-Right Christian Democratic Union withdrew its London representative in protest at the Tory move from the EPP to the European Conservatives and Reformists.

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