Mandelson: “We are the true progressives”

Lord Mandelson tells the Labour party to go out and win.

Lord Mandelson today threw down the gauntlet to the Labour party to “have their eyes on the future,” be the change-makers and re-find their fighting spirit.

He said:

“We are the true progressives. We must be restless for change, impatient to do more for the hard-working people we serve. unafraid to embrace new reform, new policies and new thinking where it is needed.

“We need to think like insurgents, not incumbents. To challenge. To argue for change. To campaign. To be the real change-makers in British politics. This is our task.

“We need to fight back – of course we do. But to do so successfully it is up to us to expalin – with confidence, clarity and conviction – what the change is.”

Read Lord Mandelson’s speech in full here.

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