Farage: reducing CO2 emissions is foolish

As Nigel Farage steps down as leader of UKIP, it is worth noting that as well as their prejudice on immigration and view that Enoch Powell “spoke the truth,” less known are UKIP’s equally far out views on climate change. UKIP official policy is outright denialist, stating:

“Whilst global warming may be a threat, there is no agreement about its extent. Nor to the degree to which greenhouse emissions from humans are the cause. We believe that natural cyclical phenomena probably play a larger role in current warming than is commonly acknowledged, and it is therefore foolish at present to commit substantial resources and impose harsh restrictions purely in the cause of reducing CO2 emissions.”

Given this position, it is not surprising that UKIP have opposed the phase out of inefficient light bulbs, are against wind farms (despite an ICM poll this week suggesting 79% say they would not object to one being built within 20 miles of their home) and have also consistently voted against European efforts to bring down carbon emissions. More surprising, however, is that UKIP have accused the leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas MEP, of showing “fascist tendencies”! (Pot, kettle, anyone?)

You have to wonder whether those who voted for Farage realised they were voting for a leader whose expenses bill (£2m) makes the Westminster scandal look insignificant and who was rated among the worst 10 MEPs out of the entire 786 in the European parliament in terms of accountability and transparency.

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