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20 reasons you should never trust the Tories on the NHS


Thinking of trusting the Conservatives on the NHS in light of David Cameron’s promises on the health service? If so, perhaps you ought to think again.

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David Cameron is strangling the NHS. One promise doesn’t change that


Despite Cameron’s GP pledge, the National Health Service looks as precarious as ever in Tory hands.

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George Osborne and a compendium of failure

George Osborne nc1j

Despite economic growth returning, the chancellor’s record is less rosy than he makes out.

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Baroness Warsi is a product of her own failed analysis

Baroness Warsi ncrj

I value any principled stand, but I worry when the principles don’t stand up to scrutiny.

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‘Are you better off than four years ago?’ Ed Balls channels Reagan to highlight biggest fall in earnings since 1874

George Osborne 10j

This parliament will see the largest drop in average earnings after inflation since 1874-1880.

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Cameron has played into the SNP’s hands

Scotland flag ncrj

In creating a team to try and secure a Tory victory in 2015, David Cameron may have tipped the balance in the debate on Scotland’s future – and not in the way he wants.

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Shuffling the pack: do reshuffles affect poll ratings?

David Cameron ncr1j

If they were hoping for a positive poll bounce from their reshuffles, most recent prime ministers will have been disappointed.

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‘Behind closed doors’ deal between government and insurance industry comes to light

Asbestos ncrj

Mesothelioma sufferers and their families must come before the profits of insurers.

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David Cameron cannot allow the chaos at the DWP to continue


Today we will urge the government to come clean about the impact of delays, chaos and failing programmes at the Department for Work and Pensions.

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The UK risks looking foolish if it doesn’t address its coal problem

Coal ncrj

Instead of an exit strategy, the government have been laying the groundwork for a continuation of coal.

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