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The Royal Baby – media round-up

Across the nations this morning many people will be celebrating the birth of a future monarch – the as yet unnamed baby Cambridge.

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The new Prince and his 2,000 birthday buddies

Though their names, weights and times of birth were not announced to the world’s media, just over 2,000 other children in the UK have one thing in common with the new Prince: their date of birth.

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I wish Kate and William well, but there is still too much inequality in childbirth

A Royal baby is on the way as Kate goes into Labour today. The media gather outside of St Mary’s Hospital in London in anticipation of whether it is a boy or a girl.

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When the royal baby is born will any politician dare to be a modern Keir Hardie?

Soon William and Kate will have a baby and there will then be a ritual outpouring from the political class united in its uncritical adulation for the institution of royalty.

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Beveridge, the Royal baby and Osborne’s sickening ‘scrounger’ rhetoric

George Osborne’s proposals to make real term cuts to welfare and the impending arrival of a new Royal baby – two things that are inextricably linked.

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