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Politicians must live up to their devolution promises

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Bold proposals devolution proposals have a habit of not living up to the full height of their promises.

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The real reason the Lib Dems U-turned on the Bedroom Tax

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The Bedroom Tax U-turn is about dire Lib Dem poll ratings, not principles.

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Is Keynesianism now dead?

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Nick Clegg’s speech yesterday suggests perhaps not.

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The not so strange death of liberal England

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For liberalism to survive, its thinkers and activists will need to wrest control from those so mired in the Westminster bubble.

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‘He lived on field mushrooms and borrowed eggs’: how the coalition is dismantling the welfare state

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The coalition is moving toward a welfare system that is surreal in its cruelty, writes Annie Powell.

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Why £9,000 tuition fees have been a moral and economic disaster

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The evidence is mounting that the argument for £9,000 tuition fees has failed – both morally and economically, argues James Bloodworth.

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Don’t cheer too loudly if Clegg gets a hammering in the Euro Elections

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Labour should worry if Nick Clegg goes. The likelihood of a strong Lib Dem General Election performance would be greatly enhanced by a new – left-leaning – leader.

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Farage may be a little Englander, but he’s had the courage to say something out of the political ordinary

Clegg versus Faragej

In sounding like a normal human being, Farage is picking up support.

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5 questions Clegg should put to Farage tonight

Clegg versus Faragej

Here at Left Foot Forward we’ve been critical of Nick Clegg in the past, but during tonight’s debate our sympathies will be firmly with the Lib Dem leader.

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Tax-free childcare alone will not make childcare more affordable for most families

Childcare vouchersj

Today’s announcements are welcome, but the direction of travel is worrying.

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