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Forging a new NHS from the ashes: Labour’s chance to rebuild a British icon


Labour could propose a tax to save the NHS and people would pay it. So what’s the problem?

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UKIP is tapping into ‘left behind’ Britain

Douglas Carswell ncrj

UKIP is offering disengaged and disillusioned Britons a return to a less challenging, more cohesive past.

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UKIP isn’t helping Labour

Nigel Farage ncrj

With just seven months to go until the General Election, the electoral landscape has never been more unpredictable.

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Labour has a working class problem

UKIP ncrj

What do the Middleton and Heywood and Clacton by-elections tell us about the Labour vote?

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Inequality: where Labour really did ‘crash the car’

New Labour ncrj

It isn’t just wealth that concentrates; opportunity does too.

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Revolt on the Left: dealing with Labour’s UKIP problem

Nigel Farage ncrj

The Fabian Society are right to highlight the UKIP threat to Ed Miliband, writes Richard Carr.

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Should Labour be more cheerful?

Douglas Carswell ncrj

Labour looks set to hold a seat in Heywood and Middleton this week, while the Conservatives look likely to lose two of theirs.

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The seeds of a Lib/Lab pact have already been sown

Labour Lib Dems NCRj

Labour needs to be prepared for a coalition even if it doesn’t want one.

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Labour must address its weaknesses

Labour poster ncrj

It isn’t enough to be half competent, polling well on some areas but poorly on others.

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Winning the next Scottish election: a tough task for Labour

Labour Scotlandj

Labour may have been on the winning side in the referendum, but the polls taken since polling day have not made happy reading for the party.

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