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Tar sands provide an opportunity to show the EU as a force for good

Tar Sandsj

The European Commission must ban the sale of tar sands crude oil in the EU.

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Labour must never turn its back on human rights

Human Rights Actj

The left should highlight the ways human rights help ordinary people on a daily basis.

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The public is to the left of Labour, but that’s where things get complicated

Ed Miliband ncrj

Ed Miliband beware: people don’t vote for policies, they vote for governments.

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Ed Miliband should be bold and embrace full rail nationalisation

Train ncrj

Miliband’s plans have upset the private sector but also angered rail unions.

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Why growth alone is no longer enough – Ed Miliband sets out ‘inclusive prosperity’

Ed Miliband 1 ncrj

Miliband’s challenge will be persuading people that government can make a difference without simply throwing money at things.

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The battle for the best cities policy intensifies ahead of 2015 – but can anyone deliver?

Ed Miliband ncr 3j

Ed Miliband must show that he can succeed where so many before him have struggled.

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The key to reducing inequality? Stronger trade unions

Trade unionsj

The widening gap between rich and poor reflects a decline in trade union power, so argue the authors of the bestselling book The Spirit Level.

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Labour is hitting the right notes on tax avoidance

Ed Balls ncj

Labour is willing to talk about tax avoidance but also tax evasion. For too long politicians have ducked the issue.

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Labour outlines progressive vision for the Union

Ed Miliband 1 ncrj

Scotland can be part of a progressive union, Miliband will say today.

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Bring back Alan Johnson, say Left Foot Forward readers

Alan Johnson ncrj

Left Foot Forward readers overwhelmingly want the former shadow chancellor brought back into the fold.

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