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Cutting the top rate of tax won’t help Britain win ‘the global race’

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It’s not clear how cutting the 45p tax rate to 40p, as suggested by Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne, would benefit Britain, writes Tony Dolphin.

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And the next leader of the Liberal Democrats is…

A look at the contenders for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats after Nick Clegg steps down.

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Lib Dem foreign minister’s French slur

Foreign office minister Jeremy Browne was accused of racism by a heckler on Question Time last night after remarks about the French. Talking about the Anglo-French defence treaty signed by the prime minister and President Sarkozy this week, he said: “We’re not merging our Army with France. Our soldiers won’t be required to speak French or wear onions round their necks or stripey t-shirts, or ride bicycles.”

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