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Comment: IDS and the DWP can run, but they can’t hide

Sue Marsh writes about the DWP’s refusal to send anyone on the radio to debate her on the ESA cuts.

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ESA SOS: Another day, another attack on disabled people

The government are sneaking through major changes to how disabled people are assessed, writes Sue Marsh.

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It’s nearly time for the DWP’s quarterly love-in with the tabloids

In advance of the DWP releasing heavily-spun figures, Steve Griffiths counters claims in the press that suggest that disability welfare is often wrongly claimed.

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Yes, but are you REALLY disabled?

Ann Milnes Roberts attempts to explain the lives behind the DLA cuts.

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Employment minister Chris Grayling does not appear to understand his own disability reforms

Employment minister Chris Grayling says goverenment is not going to means test benefits for those never able to work – but that’s exactly waht they intend to do.

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“Demonising the government”: Sue Marsh v Chris Grayling (and Emily Maitlis)

Alex Hern presents the clash between disability campaigner Sue Marsh and employment minister Chris Grayling from last night’s Newsnight.

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Five reasons to oppose the welfare bill

The welfare reform bill will penalise the disabled, those working class communities who live in inner cities and second-earners who work over 16 hours a week.

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Appeal backlog reveals false economy of the welfare cuts

Alex Hern argues that the multi-million pound cost of hiring new judges to deal with the appeal backlog for welfare cases shows yet again the false economy of the cuts.

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Mail and Telegraph race to see who can smear more disabled people

Declan Gaffney uncovers the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph’s latest smearing of disabled people, and asks whether the DWP had anything to do with them.

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Fighting disability hate crime is the minimum the government should be doing

Shadow equalities minister Kate Green writes about her success in getting the government to accept and amendment which will equalise tariffs for disability hate crime.

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