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Why is Liam Byrne so keen to out-do the Tories on social security cuts?

It is well known these cuts have been savage, unfair, and that they seriously affect the disabled. But what if they actually targeted the disabled, hitting them the hardest, piling all the harshest cuts on the services that are actually the most vital?

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Why do we think there’s a magic solution to child benefit?

If there is anything that really gets up the nose of the right it’s single mothers on benefits. No, in fact it’s any parents claiming benefits, as the sorry media sage around Mick Philpott demonstrated.

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BBC slavishly follows government line on impact of benefits cap

It is disappointing to again see the BBC reporting government statistics on the benefits cap without even the remotest hint of challenge as to what they mean.

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Daniel Hannan: wrong about everything on the benefit cap

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan has a piece in today’s Telegraph in which he claims the left has “lost its moral compass on welfare”.

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The benefit cap tackles a real problem from the wrong end

A cap on the total amount of benefits that people receive begins rolling out across England, Wales and Scotland today. The cap applies to those aged 16 to 64 and means that couples and lone parents will no longer receive more than £500 a week, with single people limited to a maximum of £350 a week.

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Cap on benefit increases will do more harm to Wales than recession

TweetA leading Welsh think tank has warned that the decision to cap benefit increases at 1% could end up doing far more harm to the Welsh economy than the recession itself. In concluding that the policy will “hit Wales hard” research published by the Bevan Foundation goes on to warn in stark terms: “the limit […]

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Comment: Mean, miserable legislation from a mean, miserable government

TweetBy Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party, Brighton Pavilion) MPs are today debating a grossly unfair piece of legislation that proposes to sever the long-standing link between welfare support and inflation. If it makes it onto the statute books, the Welfare Benefit Uprating Bill will, without question hit the poorest in our society the hardest, including […]

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Comment: Fairness in 2013

With ‘fairness’ representing a significant trend in last year’s political rhetoric and debate, Richard Bassford looks at whether this will continue into 2013.

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Building social housing would cut the housing benefit bill three times faster than a cap

Cormac Hollingsworth shows how social housing could be the best way to save money on housing benefit: Three times as effective as a cap.

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Why child benefit must be removed from the benefit cap

Sam Royston explains why child benefit must be removed from the government’s proposed benefits cap.

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