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Majority of the public reject Osborne’s austerity plan

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Poll shows that neither Cameron nor Miliband are trusted to perform safe cuts.

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British consumers can no longer afford to consume. We need a new economic model

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Consumption-driven growth is a recovery built on sand.

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There are alternatives to the government’s slash and burn policies

There are alternative ways of managing public finances that aren’t reliant on more savage cuts.

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Millions are at risk of hunger – ministers must acknowledge the scale of the crisis

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We must imagine a future without food banks.

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Coalition is doing nothing to help hungry families

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Damning new report finds that food banks are carrying out their work completely without government help

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If Osborne takes us back to the thirties, how different will things look?


Does Osborne have any right to get ruffled about comparisons with the 1930s?

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Do Tory benefit cuts impact on children’s rights?


A new report suggests that young people identify several infringements of their rights in George Osborne’s economic policies.

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The EU CAP damages developing economies – and ours

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We are still paying £11.3 billion a year to be part of a club which cuts the disposable income of the neediest in our society.

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Migrants come to the UK to find jobs, not to claim benefits

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Until there is concerted action to revive the failing economies of southern and eastern Europe, there is little hope that the government’s net migration target will be met.

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Boris plans to hit the most vulnerable young people with his cuts

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The magnitude of the mayor’s proposed cuts is even more of an outrage than his tantrum at being exposed.

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