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Bundesbank calls for higher wages across Eurozone

The call follows a raft of recent reports highlighting inequality as a threat to the global economy.

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Striking council workers and other public sector employees have a point – enough is enough

Unison signj

Local government has borne the brunt of the coalition’s ‘austerity’ measures.

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The brutal impact of austerity on Scotland’s public services

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Scotland’s budget is being slashed by more than £6 billion in real terms.

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The real reasons the media didn’t cover Saturday’s anti-cuts march

Anti austerity marchj

Many have accused the BBC of ‘bias’ for failing to cover Saturday’s anti-austerity march which took place in Central London. So are they right?

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Coalition deficit reduction has made UK tax base more regressive

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The coalition’s deficit reduction plan has increased the overall tax burden on the poor, says new study.

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Coalition ‘in denial’ about food bank use, according to new report

Food banks imagej

The coalition needs to “own up to the role it’s playing” in the growth of food banks, a new report says.

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Why the gap between rich and poor has narrowed. And why it won’t last

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The narrowing of inequality is almost certainly a temporary blip.

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The rise of the far-right in Europe shows how spectacularly austerity has failed


The rise of far-right popularism is a sign that the economic policy of austerity in Europe really has failed.

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How Labour can win a mandate for change

Ed Miliband ncrj

The spending squeeze will be dramatic and tough, requiring a very different governing strategy for Labour.

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Britain’s economic growth is not a sign that austerity works

Larry Summers ncrj

The economic recovery is due to a “combination of the depth of the hole it found itself in, the moderation in the trend toward deeper and deeper austerity and the effects of possibly bubble-creating government loans”, according to former United States secretary of the treasury Larry Summers.

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