Low-to-middle earners suffer 5.4 per cent drop in average salaries

The 2010 ‘Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings’ data released today by the ONS shows that the median annual salary earned by all workers fell by 0.4 per cent in nominal terms from £21,310 in 2009 to £21,221 in 2010. Once inflation is taken into account (RPI increased by 5.3 per cent between April 2009 and April 2010, which is the date the ASHE survey relates to), stagnation turns to significant contraction, with the median salary falling by a sizeable 5.4 per cent.

What’s the damage?

We have been warned that next week’s Emergency Budget could bring pain for years to come. Cameron’s coalition has promised that such pain is inevitable but that the medicine will be administered fairly. But there remain many questions about what such ‘fairness’ means in practice.

Budget 2010: Helping the “squeezed middle”

Matthew Whittaker is a senior economist at the Resolution Foundation With economic recovery still far from secured, there remains a need to focus immediate attention on the recessionary hangover being felt by so many UK households. In particular, despite dropstest