Rape convictions at an all-time high

Data released by the Crown Prosecution Service today shows that the conviction rate for rape cases has reached an all-time high at 63 per cent of all prosecutions. According to the figures, there were 3,692 rape prosecutions last year and 2,333 convictions, up by 5 per cent since 2008.

The minimum wage vs inflation (graph)

Although the government deserves a degree of credit for seeing off calls from business leaders to freeze the minimum wage, by increasing it to £6.31 – meagre increase of twelve pence – it has yet again failed to ensure the minimum wage is above inflation for the third year running.

Five party leaders who never were

With David Miliband, the man once tipped to lead the Labour Party, resigning from frontline politics to take up a job in America, Left Foot Forward has looked at five leaders who came close but never quite made it to the top.

The meaning of Gove

In a letter to The Independent and The Daily Telegraph this week, a hundred education academics criticised Michael Gove’s controversial new curriculum proposals as an “endless list of spelling, facts and rules” that will prove “miserable for children”.

Left Foot Forward has looked at some of the changes to the school curriculum proposed by Michael Gove and the criticism they’ve received.