Kemi Badenoch’s Daily Mail column on unions rinsed in three words

'They're threatening us with a good time!'

Kemi Badenoch

In an opinion piece for the Daily Mail, Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch argued that UK trade unions were working to undo all of the work the Conservative Party had done over the last 14 years. 

Badenoch insisted the public should be “worried” about the meeting between Keir Starmer and union leaders that took place on Tuesday to discuss workers’ rights and Labour’s landmark New Deal for Working People. 

She warned that Labour had been given their “marching orders” by trade unions to undo “all the good work of the last 14 years under the Conservatives” by implementing the pledges in the New Deal for workers.

However this was not received quite in the way the Tory Minister had perhaps hoped, as social media users relished the thought of undoing 14 years of ‘good work’ by the Tories. 

In a post that was liked by nearly 10k X users, the Trades Union Congress shared the headline and responded simply in three words, “that’s the plan”. 

Others took the opportunity to issue corrections to Badenoch’s attempted warning to the public, with one X user writing, “They’re threatening us with a good time!”

Justin Madders MP wrote: “I think she means “damage” rather than “work””.

While one NHS worker said on X: “Kemi – it wasn’t good work. People are worse off and things are not going well for us!”

Other trade unions also used the article to highlight their thoughts on the Tory Party’s draconian approach to trade unions over the past 14 years. The Communication Workers Union shared the article with the comment, “Damn right we do.”

(Image credit: Chris McAndrew / Wikimedia)

Hannah Davenport is news reporter at Left Foot Forward

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