Dominic Cummings steps up plans to set up new right-wing party

It is reported that Cummings is hoping that his new party will replace the Tories

Dominic Cummings

Former Downing Street aide Dominic Cummings is now pushing ahead with plans to set up a new right-wing political party, according to reports from Politico.

The disgraced senior aide who was booted out by Boris Johnson and has been hell-bent on revenge ever since, is reported to have set up focus groups to gauge the public’s views towards a new anti-establishment party.

Politico reports: “Former Downing Street aide Dominic Cummings has been organizing a series of focus groups to get the public’s views about a potential new anti-establishment party.

“It marks a ramping up of the top Brexit campaigner’s plotting for what he’s called a “credibly anti-insider” party to “replace the Tories.”

It is reported that Cummings is hoping that his new party will replace the Tories should the latter suffer a wipeout at the general election, as is being predicted.

In a Substack email last August, Cummings wrote that he wanted to set up a new party focused on issues including cutting immigration, closing tax loopholes for “the 1 percent,” investing in public services and dramatically reforming the civil service.

Writing for subscribers to his blog last year, Mr Cummings said he was already receiving messages from MPs and donors asking how to rebuild the Tory party.

However, he wrote of the need to set up a new party. “No, plough the old Tory Party into the earth”, he writes and prefers messages calling for “the startup party”, he said.

“This is the time to start building the replacement so that from 2200 on election night in October-December 2024 the old Party is buried and a new set of people with new ideas start talking to the country and can take over in 2028 and give voters the sort of government they want and deserve,” Mr Cummings said.

However, not everybody is optimistic about Cummings’ latest project. One senior Tory Brexiteer told Politico. “Who would want to stand for election for his party? Almost everyone who has ever worked with Dominic Cummings has come away saying awful things about him.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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