David Cameron’s appointment as Foreign Secretary has everyone pointing out his disastrous record

"David Cameron isn’t a “safe pair of hands”. He’s the man who introduced austerity which led to 330,000 excess deaths..."

It was only a few weeks ago that Rishi Sunak said that ‘it is time for a change’. He’s been keen to portray himself as the ‘change candidate’ and yet in today’s cabinet reshuffle, the biggest shock has been the return of David Cameron.

The former Prime Minister strolled into Downing Street after the sacking of Suella Braverman to the disbelief of many, only to be announced as Foreign Secretary moments later.

Nothing says ‘we’ve run out of ideas’ like bringing back Cameron, architect of 13 years of austerity, responsible for pushing millions into destitution and poverty.

Many couldn’t help but share Cameron’s appalling record in office upon news of his return.

Former Sky journalist Adam Boulton posted on X, formerly Twitter: “PM @David_Cameron foreign policy disasters: Libya, Syria vote, Brexit.”

Former Labour MP Mike Gapes also posted on X in response to Cameron’s appointment: “David Cameron was responsible for Brexit – the worst Foreign policy disaster, the biggest act of economic self harm and the biggest reduction in UK global soft power ever. He then ran away and left others to deal with his mess.”

John McTernan, Tony Blair’s former strategist and commentator said: “David Cameron’s great foreign policy achievements:

–  Brexit

– letting Assad has his own people

– making Libya an ungoverned state and a base for people smugglers

– camping with MBS.”

Labour MP Nadia Whittome tweeted: “David Cameron isn’t a “safe pair of hands”. He’s the man who:

– Introduced austerity which led to 330,000 excess deaths

– Led the disastrous bombing of Libya

– Called the EU referendum and lost it

– Used his connections to lobby for Greensill

“Rishi Sunak is scraping the barrel.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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