The Sun downplays key data which shows huge public support for Net Zero

The paper had commissioned YouGov to assess public support for Net Zero...

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The Sun paid for a UK poll on net-zero but downplayed the key finding, that there is huge cross-party support for Net Zero.

There has been a major attempt by right-wing newspapers in recent weeks and months to promote a backlash against attempts to tackle climate change, especially through Net Zero which they have sought to portray as unreasonable and too costly.

The paper had commissioned YouGov to assess public support for Net Zero as well as on topics such as the protest group Just Stop Oil and on drilling for new oil and gas in the North Sea. While reporting poll findings which showed that the public think Just Stop Oil are not treated harshly, and a headline slamming clueless MPs for have ‘NO idea of the pain policies like Net Zero inflict on ordinary Brit families’, the fact that an overwhelming majority of the public support Net Zero doesn’t make the cut for the paper’s headline writers.

The poll showed that while 65% of the public support net-zero just 19% opposed it. There was cross-party support for Net Zero, with 54% of Tory voters supporting it, while 31% opposed it.

80% of those who identified as Labour voters supported the push towards Net Zero, just 8% opposed it, with a +72 net support rating for Lib Dem voters too.

Seems as though the backlash from the right-wing press isn’t having an effect thus far on the public.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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